The Energy Sector: 3 Strategies on How to Attract More Female Talent

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Middle management positions in the energy sector remain male-dominated today. Although steps have been taken to narrow the gender gap, more needs to be done.

Companies struggle to attract more women to this field and wonder why this is such a challenge.

The following three steps may help more women choose to pursue a career in an energy field. However, companies need to look at other ways they can make these positions more attractive.

A multi-pronged approach will provide the best results.

1. Highlighting Female Role Models in the Industry

Research has shown that companies with women in senior executive positions outperform those where women aren’t seen in these roles. Sadly, energy-related sectors lack women in these roles today.

Women only hold 14 percent of senior management positions in the energy field, compared to 15. 5 percent in non-energy companies.

If utilities are excluded from the equation, ladies make up only 12 percent of senior executives in the energy sector. This needs to change. An oil and gas recruiter denver needs to take this into consideration when looking for talent to fill a position.

When women take on positions of power, a company benefits. It has more diverse perspectives and decision-making becomes more innovative. To encourage girls to enter the field, people need to highlight role models in the field.

2. Encourage Women to Pursue Careers in the Energy Sector

Schools must start early to interest women in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and maths) fields. Energy is a good example of this. These disciplines should be introduced when children are young and continue throughout their education.

When children begin learning about these subjects early, they are more likely to pursue a career in one of these fields. Schools should talk about the soft skills needed in these fields, such as collaboration, to encourage women to continue their studies in energy.

Once a woman enters the energy sector, she should be encouraged to continue developing her skills and pursue more training. Doing so will help her advance in her career. The Department of Energy has recognized the importance of this.

This subject was the topic of an Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC)-funded workshop in Taipei back in 2019. The workshop looked at several areas, including challenges women face when they enter and attempt to advance in the energy sector.

3. Work Benefits

Companies need to offer more training for women, particularly in those fields where women lack senior positions. Furthermore, they need to consider soft skills that transfer between industries. These include leadership skills and project management abilities. By doing so, they can attract a wider pool of candidates.

In addition, women need flexibility when it comes to their jobs. Many companies today offer child care on-site or subsidize this care for workers. This allows more women to enter the field.

Gender pay disparities need to be addressed to attract more women to the energy sector. Companies do not provide the same opportunities for women to advance in the field. When they do move up, they receive less pay. This needs to change.

Finally, there needs to be flexibility in a woman’s job. Companies must make it easy for a woman to fulfill her duties while still achieving a good work-life balance.

Companies need to develop female talent and cultivate the females they already have in place. They need to make women feel valued. When they do, the sector will benefit in countless ways.

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