5 Important Qualities In a Project Manager


A project manager is an essential part of completing a large scale task as a team.  It’s their job to make sure that everyone has the necessary ingredients to get the job done.  They keep everyone on task and facilitate the team to be able to complete their assignments on time.

They are there to answer any questions that the team have and maintain the clarity of the end goal so that everyone maintains the same vision.  A good manager produces a quality result and acts calm under pressure, even when challenges arise.

If you love the idea of stepping up to the challenge of leading a team through until the end of a big project, then getting a job as a project manager may be in your future.  Here are some of the most important qualities that you’ll need.


#1 Experience

A project manager who has experienced education is more valuable to a team.  Regardless of how much of a fancy education you have under your belt, ultimately it’s experience that will provide you with the tools to get the job done without fail.

New project managers fresh out of school may step into a new contract thinking they’re ready for anything with their education. However, they quickly realize that there’s nothing that can prepare you like a solid experience.

Through learning the trials and tribulations of the job you eventually realize your strengths and where you can make room for improvement.


#2 Keeping Calm Under Pressure

There are all sorts of variables which can get thrown into the mix during a project.  Perhaps a team member falls ill or quits mid-project. Or maybe a client asks for a last minute change which challenges your time restrictions.

A good project manager keeps their team calm and motivated, like a good coach.  Their job is to lead the team to success rather than allowing them to get distracted, yet also encouraging their confidence.


#3 Ability to Delegate Tasks

As the leader of the team, it’s a project manager’s job to know who should take on which task and on what level of priority.

Identifying people’s abilities and encouraging them to shine for the good of the team is an incredibly valuable quality.


#4 Enthusiasm

Enthusiasm is contagious, particularly in a work environment.  Being enthusiastic encourages motivation amongst the team to continue going.

When a team dreads going into the job every day, deadlines are usually missed, and there is a heaviness in the air.

Whereas when a leader has a passion for the task at hand, it transfers onto everyone else, and as a result, everyone produces better results

What qualities are you looking for in a project manager?

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