3 Medical Careers You Should Consider Before Heading To University


Choosing the best university course is often difficult if you haven’t identified your ideal career path. Considering that, anyone interested in the medical field should take a look at some of the suggestions in this article.

If you find something that seems appealing, you can perform more research before finding the most suitable courses. Once you’ve done that, you only have between three and five years to wait until you can start earning.

Of course, you could work for the NHS, a private company, or start a new venture single-handedly. There are lots of opportunities in this industry, and so you’d do well to select one of the roles mentioned below.


#1 Registered General Nurse

It’s usually possible to get your qualifications and become a registered nurse in around three years. Your job would involve assisting doctors, helping to prepare for operations, and some procedures.

Most nurses will have to take blood and samples, as well as providing a happy and sociable atmosphere for any nervous patients.

In the UK, the average RGN could earn somewhere in the region of £23,000 per year. That’s a pretty good wage when you consider the national minimum is around £10,000 less. At the end of the day, nurses are overworked in most situations.

However, it’s a rewarding role, and you will make a real difference.


#2 Mental Health Nurse

Many people think becoming a mental health nurse is an easier option.

Even so, evidence suggests that couldn’t be further from the truth. While you might not have to take as many exams, the day to day realities of the job are tougher to handle.

For example, many mental health professionals will end up working in secure units with very ill and sometimes violent people. That means they are exposed to high levels of stress at all times.

It can take a lot out of you when you spend all day conversing with people who want to kill themselves. However, those with the right approach and personalities could assist those patients to recover.

In most circumstances, mental health nurses can earn a higher wage too.


#3 Private Dentist

Getting qualified and setting yourself up as a private dentist is a fantastic move if you’re interested in oral health.

You won’t have to deal with the stresses of being a nurse, and your working day shouldn’t present too many surprises. However, you’ll have to launch a company, and that poses many issues and problems.

Even sourcing the correct dental supplies could prove problematic if you don’t have the right contacts. Also, finding appropriate insurance cover can become somewhat of a pain.

That said, it’s an excellent way to earn money and help people at the same time. Maybe it’s something you would like to consider?


Final Thoughts…

After reading this post, we hope you are now in a better position to make the right decisions. The last thing anyone wants is for you to come out of university with a degree you’ll never utilize.

So, think long and hard before applying for those courses, and make sure you have a career in mind first.

Have you considered one of the careers I’ve shared above? Share your comments below and lets talk about it.



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