The Startups Handbook: 5 Things You Cannot Afford To Forget


When you embark on a new business venture, it’s inevitable that you’ll encounter a sharp learning curve over the coming months.

In truth, the process of trial and error is key to perfecting your company. However, some mistakes are more costly than others. Avoiding the worst ones is essential.

Here are five commonly missed aspects that you must pay attention to from day one. Do this, and you’ll have a far greater chance of success.


#1 Knowing Your Audience


Regardless of what your goals may be, building a large and loyal following is crucial. Every business knows this and will subsequently pump time and money into various marketing strategies. But doing this is pointless if the content falls on deaf ears.

Understanding your place in the market is crucial, and will help direct the entire business. This guide on conducting better research will give you the perfect foundation.

As long as your business ideas are then targeted towards your demographic, you should be just fine.


#2 Making The Business Yours

In business, you’ll soon realize that first impressions count for everything. With smarter branding, you’ll be far more likely to grab the attention of your audience, and it could be key to seeing off your competitors.

But once you’ve built a solid brand with great logos and designs, you need to ensure that you are the only beneficiary. Every entrepreneur will protect their business from physical and virtual thieves.

However, you must also consider intellectual property. A trademark attorney like Xavier Morales can secure the copyrights to keep your company’s USP going strong.


#3 Providing A Winning Service

Ultimately, producing fantastic products is imperative if you want customers to keep buying them. Then again, this element alone won’t secure loyalty.

Consumers deserve to be happy with the entire interaction. Customer service is a vital part of the package – do not forget it!

As a small business, you probably won’t have the funds for a full customer support team. Use a Call Ruby virtual receptionist to have calls redirected to your cell.

When combined with a winning email support service and friendly human interactions, you won’t go far wrong.


#4 Keeping An Eye On Overheads


When taking those first steps into the world of business, you’ll naturally focus on sales. However, earning profit is a two-way street. After all, there’s no point in making $1m of sales if it costs $2m to achieve it.

You will need to spend money, but keeping those expenses to a manageable level will provide a serious boost.

When it comes to running costs, taking out longer contracts can often get you cheaper business energy rates. Entrepreneurs worry about taking on that commitment but, if the worst case scenario of the company folding occurs, those deals will be canceled.

Make your capital go further in other areas too, and your profit margins will be bolstered.


#5 Don’t Go It Alone

Ok, so you don’t want to run before you can walk. Nevertheless, surrounding yourself with a winning team is pivotal if you want the business to thrive. Many hands make light work, and a great staff will help your business evolve at a far quicker rate.

You don’t necessarily have to hire permanent staff. Temporary employees can work wonders while outsourcing certain roles is another fantastic option.

One way or the other, though, successful management of this area will take your company to the next level. What more incentive could you need?


So what are you doing to build a winning start up?  Share your thoughts and comments below on what you are doing in your start up to put your better foot forward and achieve success.


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