3 Smart Ways To Save That Most People Are Completely Unaware Of


Saving money can seem like a difficult task. Particularly, when you’re constantly surrounded by things that you want or things that you need.

Actually, though, it can be quite easy to save as long as you make the right decision. In fact

there are some basic ways to save money that most people aren’t aware of.

Don’t worry though, we’re going to share them with you right here. Don’t go telling everyone, though, this is just between you and me, alright?

Good, let’s start off by thinking about property.


#1 It’s Always Cheaper To Rent

Type in property online and you’ll find about a million articles pressuring you to invest in your first piece of property.

You need to get on that property ladder as soon as you can, they claim. It’s a great way to keep your capital safe and ensure that you’re in a strong financial position in the future. That might be true, but it’s definitely not cheaper, particularly in the short term.

Many people claim that renting is dead money and it is but we often rent apartments. Apartments are a lot cheaper than homes, but this isn’t the only reason why they’ll save you a fortune. If you buy a house or any property, you will still be paying it off for a mortgage.

Most people still have a mortgage by the time they leave their first home. Essentially then, it’s no different from renting. Except of course mortgage rates can fluctuate and the amount you pay in rent won’t.

So, if you’re not planning on starting a family anytime soon, you’ll find it a lot cheaper to rent. We promise you that.


#2 Avoid Impulse Buys

We’re sure there are quite a lot of people who had this problem leading up to Christmas.

You might have bought one present but suddenly you see another, and it looks awesome. In fact, it looks downright amazing, and you just can’t resist.

You have to buy it, so you do and then a few months later, what happens? Nothing it’s at the back of your kid’s wardrobe, and it’s been played with once.

You can’t sell it either because then suddenly they’ll have a newfound interest in it for a couple of days. People who are good with money don’t buy items on impulse.

They wait and see if a) they really want it or b) it will drop in price. Another example of this is the iPhone. It doesn’t really matter when you buy one.

As soon as you purchase it, they’re already working on the next model.


#3 Now That’s A Bargain!

Last but not least, you should work to scoop up every bargain that you can.

Whenever you go shopping, you should be looking for the cheapest deal available. It’s easier than ever to do this since you can price check every single item online these days.

For that reason, there’s no excuse to buy an expensive product that’s cheaper a block down the road. If you don’t get the lowest price, you only have yourself to blame.

Make no mistake price checking could save you a fortune through the year. You might not see the exact effect, but your bank account will certainly feel a lot more full.

Are you using any of the tips I’ve shared above?  I would love to hear what kind of weird and quarky ways you are saving money in the comments below.


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