6 Basics For Buying Your First Tag Heuer Luxe Watch


Men might have the advantage of various options of watches, but then they too struggle to choose the right watch. Having some certain criteria, it makes the selection of the right watch easier.

Starting from the style of the watch to certain other things like the features, fitting adjustment, brand, and the materials, it is important for you to know the basics of every brand or company along with their best selling watches.

Since watches with absolute fascinating features, great look, and amazing durability costs more than usual, it is very important for you to invest your money on the right watch. And when we talk about a great brand, we mean Tag Heuer.

One of the finest watches making companies the world has ever witnessed. Though Tag Heuer is a high-rated company, we do assure that the investment would be presenting you a grand and worthwhile watch.

The following are the basics for buying your first Tag Heuer Luxe watch:


#1 The flawless classiness

The TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 Chronograph is a classy chronographic watch which was actually made for the racers back in the time of the 1960s. This watch is inspired by a popular Mexican road race, which was known as Carrera Panamericana.

This watch still has the same classic look and design as it had back in the racing days. The dial is purely white with silver highlights. Though there are various options for the belt. TAG Heuer Carrera 1887 Chronograph is meant for the men who are tempted to the retro classics.


#2 The Formal watch

There are several sorts of watches for the office men that the TAG Heuer Grand Carrera has presented. Among all the ranges, the Grand Carrera Calibre 8 GMT stands out of the usual crowd. The watch is specially designed by the rotating disc system originally created and used by TAG Heuer Carrera.

It an absolutely gorgeous watch made up of stainless steel. This is a classy black dial watch with shining steel strap.


#3 The Sporty Watch

If you are more into sports watch, then you should definitely try the TAG Heuer Formula 1 series. Though all these watches are not sports watch, it gives the complete package of perfect watches that would give you the all in one exposure that you have been looking for in a watch.

These watches are added with a quartz movement which is shock resistance. These watches are favorable for sports like tennis, golf, cycling, basketball, and other certain outdoor sports. These watches have black dials, rubber straps and titanium coat above the dial.


#4 Strong, bold and different.

Watches, costly or not, would definitely end up looking like the same. Certainly, The TAG Heuer Luxe helps you to get a watch for yourself which is different from the rest. When you have something different, unique and probably something not everyone has, is the best feeling ever.

It is the feeling of pride. Tag Heuer luxe present you the TAG Heuer Monaco; it is the one of its own kind in the history of watches. It is the first ever square waterproof chronograph watch that the world has witnessed. This watch was launched back in the year of 1969; in the honor of Monaco Grand Prix.

The details in this watch are waffle-like. The early version, which was blue metallic dials are more popular than the recent versions with grey metallic dials are less popular compared to the former. Though the older version is still available but has the technology of the year 2013.


#5 Young tech geek

TAG Heuer Luxe also offers smartwatches that have a partnership with Google, Intel, etc. The most popular smartwatch amongst all is the TAG Carrera Connected. It is water resistant and has special features like GPS, customizable dials and NFC sensor for payments.

The most amusing and interesting feature is that you can get different straps of 9 different colors; starting from white, blue, and pink colored straps. With this watch, you will not only get technical features but you can also change it to a three-hand mechanical module with few clicks.


#6 The ocean hero

We state this to be the newest and young collection from the TAG Heuer. Aquaracer is the model that came out in the year 2004 but was first introduced in the year 1982. Unlike other diving watches, this comes with the other option like rubber or stainless steel. This is one simple yet durable and long lasting watch.

TAG Heuer Luxe comes with a variety of different watches for different occasion. The right choice is yours to make!

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