How Is Bag-on-Valve Aerosol Technology Taking Over Every Industry?

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Long gone are the days when people used glass/plastic bottles and steel containers to store chemicals or liquids.

It used to be quite challenging to keep those bottles and containers safe. Why? It is because, generally, they contained flammable substances.

Now the time has changed, and so do the techniques. Instead of using containers, industries have shifted to the use of aerosol.


What is Aerosol?

It is like a can that releases the substance in a spray. In simple terms, your perfume, spray paints, makeup fixer, etc., everything is aerosol.

Now that you know what aerosol is, you might agree with us that it is much more convenient to use them, and you also have the advantage of controlling the amount of product you want to use.

That being said, now let’s understand what Bag-On-Valve is



It is a bag filled with liquid or gas that is attached to the outer side of the can (also known as the valve.) It is pressure-resistant and restricts the O2 gas from getting in.

Hence offers a longer life of the product. Another factor that makes it better than traditional aerosol cans is that it can be sprayed at any angle, therefore doesn’t waste any of the product.

That’s the reason why BOV is making its way into the different industries. Perhaps, you are also curious to know- how? Right? So, let’s dive right into the article!



The business of cosmetic products is on the rise. Everybody wants to make their skin look smooth and nourished. And to do that, they use different products.

The result? The beauty market is constantly growing by 4.5% p.a. In this market, BOV has contributed a lot, as most of the products are packed in cans to make them easy to use and carry around.

From hair care products to body care, you name it, and you’ll get them in a BOV packing. Why? The answer is because this technology provides the product longer shelf life and keeps them safe from rising temperatures.



The whole world is shifting from plastic products to recyclable packaging. Especially for food products such as cooking oils, baking spray, syrups, tea, and coffee.

That’s why the food market is constantly getting attracted to BOV. As

they are recyclable and eco-friendly. Besides, according to the experts at, these cans give you full control, so you don’t waste anything. It is an excellent option for health-conscious people as they can add the desired amount of oil to their food.

In simple terms, BOV gives you the power to reduce food wastage.



Numerous things can keep people entertained. But do you know what is best of all? It is a “Do It Yourself” project. As the season changes, most people start renovating their homes.

And for that, they use spray paints and glue guns. That means the demand for BOV is high in the art market. As these cans reduce the risk of fire.


Wrapping up!

There are numerous benefits of Bag-On-Valve because of which various industries are trying to take advantage.

They are eco friends, need fewer preservatives, and work with every chemical type (gas, gel, liquids, creams, etc.). Hence, getting popular everywhere.

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