From College To Career: The 3 Questions You Need To Ask Now To Secure Jobs Later


There’s something of an epidemic sweeping across the world of higher-education right now. Many new graduates are currently unable to achieve careers in their chosen fields. In some instances, the positions aren’t there for them to fill. In others, employers are too wary of taking staff without experience.

Either way; some of the most qualified college leavers are finding themselves in retail or starter jobs, all while shouldering a load of student debt.

The sad news is that there’s no easy fix for this. Career-wise, we’re in a catch-22 when it comes to experience over education. While freelance opportunities are overcoming that in some sectors, the struggle largely looks set to continue. But, that doesn’t mean all students are doomed to low-paying jobs.

In reality, considering career prospects before embarking on your degree could be enough to see you studying and landing a dream job. All you need to do to make it happen is ask yourself the following questions before signing up for any course.



#1 Will that course leads to a viable career?

This is a question any potential student NEEDS to ask themselves. Countless students study degrees like fine arts or archeology, only to find these are already saturated markets.

That’s not to say you can’t make a viable career from degrees like these. But, unless you know precisely why you’re studying, it may be best to steer clear. By comparison, students who attend medical schools or law courses have much higher rates of success after college.

Make sure, then, that you understand the viability of your prospects before signing up. Consider the demand for the industry in question. Consider, too, how many potential careers a course would open up for you.


#2 Would that course lead to reliable networking opportunities?

It’s fair to say that the networking capabilities of a college course are, by far, the most valuable aspect. This provides a way to meet future potential employers or get your name known in the industry for when you’re ready to start a career there.

In fact, most college students who walk straight into jobs after graduating do so because of on-course networking. Still, decent networking opportunities aren’t a given.

To make sure of them, you want to seek a course with a professor who is well recognized in your field. Look, too, for a course which includes talks and meetings with industry experts along the way.


#3 Would you have time to complete an internship?

Internships are the best bet most graduates have for securing jobs. By taking an unpaid internship as you study, you ensure both qualification and experience.

But, this is something you’ll never have the time for it you embark on an intensive full-time course. Instead, it’s worth seeking part-time courses which, while taking a little longer to complete, will give you time for an internship of your choosing.

It might be hard work at the time, but it’s well worth it for ensuring that you’re never at a loss for job offers later on.

What are you doing to secure a job after college?

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