3 Outstanding Ways to Make Your Presentations More Captivating in 2019


Many people are afraid of public speaking; however, several jobs require their employees to give presentations. There is no right or wrong way to create a presentation.

The tone of your voice is directly related to the subject matter. You do not want to have a happy, upbeat attitude while speaking about a deadly disease.

People who need help creating a talk, even if it is in front of only a few people, can be daunting. Presentation software with over 50 custom templates could be helpful.

Here are 3 outstanding ways to make your presentations more captivating in 2019.


#1 Grab Their Attention

You may notice that people giving a presentation usually open with a joke or a “bang.” If you are not comfortable telling a joke, tell a short antidote, or a funny story that corresponds with the material you are talking about.

You don’t have to come out doing cartwheels and holding sparklers. Even a subtle “bang” will get their attention. Just remember to breathe and that the people you are speaking to are just that, people. They won’t bite you or take your birthday away, so go for it!  If you lack confidence, consider attending a public speaking workshop online to boost your skills.

It’s a gamble, but some presenters will come out on stage and be extremely quiet. They may wait for only a few moments, but it is a way to get everyone’s attention.

Remember to have a beginning, a middle, and an end. Using the three-act structure will not only keep your listeners engaged, but it will also keep you on track.

After the introduction, the middle is where you will offer them what they came for. This may be a solution to a problem they are having, or a new idea, or something they may not have thought of before.


#2 Holding Their Attention

No matter what your subject is, try to keep your audience awake and engaged. You could ask questions, prepare a demonstration, and/or a slide presentation. Just know that a slide presentation should be short or something in the background while you are talking.

Even if your subject is “dry” or boring, it is your job to make it exciting and upbeat. Certain subjects do not lend themselves to be happy and upbeat, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it thought-provoking. Every subject under the sun can be interesting, it just depends on how you look at it.

Keep in mind that the people in the audience, even if it’s a few colleagues at a conference table, are there because they need and/or want the information you are going to present to them.

Use anecdotes and examples that relate to the subject. Do not veer off course to something unrelated as this is the quickest way to lose your audience.


#3 Finish Strong

You’ll want to end on an upbeat, strong, positive note. You want your audience to leave feeling better than when they came into the meeting.

Always give them homework. This is something they can do to improve themselves or the company or whatever it is you were speaking about. Naturally, this assignment will not be collected, unless you give them your contact information for further help. That would be up to you.

Leaving them with something to do, rather than just something to think about, will keep them motivated to do whatever it is they came here to find out about.

What are you doing to make your presentation more captivating?

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