5 Things That You Can Learn at an École d’entrepreneuriat

Whether you possess a formal post-secondary education or not, you may have imagined yourself at the head of a Fortune 500 company more than once.

However, you also probably noticed that these types of company are often run by people that have at least one thing in common: an entrepreneurial spirit. What are the qualities that make that kind of spirit and where can you learn the basics of entrepreneurship? Easy answer: in an entrepreneurship school.

Here are 5 things you can expect to learn in that type of institutions.


#1 How to Sell Anything

You won’t be shocked to learn that the ability to sell is an absolute must to succeed in business, and probably in a lot more scenarios that you can envision right now: an entrepreneur needs to sell his vision to potential investors and business partners first, well before having the chance to sell an actual service or product to a client.

If you don’t know how to sell (ideas, concepts, products, services and even yourself), you probably won’t be able to become an exceptional entrepreneur.


#2 How to Manage Your Time and Your resources

Time (and resources) management is a skill that’s useful in a lot of work-related scenarios, but even more in an entrepreneurial endeavor.

Think about it: no boss, no office to go to (at the beginning of your entrepreneurial adventure, at least ) and no fixed schedule.

There is a high probability that you’ll squander your financial resources by not working hard enough because of your new freedom or, in the opposite, that you’ll ruin your health trying to tackle an unreasonable workload.

Time management in and of itself provides a lot of benefits to those who practice it, including increased productivity, heightened focus, and a lot more confidence in your ability to complete your day-to-day tasks, among other things.


#3 How to Communicate Effectively

This one is truly the mark of the greatest entrepreneurs, those that make a lasting impression on the people they encounter. As an entrepreneur, your tongue (or should we say the way you use it) is pretty much your most valuable non-technical tool.

You have to be able to communicate with your team in a way that will both inspire them and provide them with precise instructions on the way to go forward. Don’t neglect your written communications either: a poorly written email can tarnish your image with a client or a prospect, or simply lead to a fatal misunderstanding.

Pay close attention to what comes out of your mouth and the things you write or sign, and you’ll save yourself a lot of troubles.


#4 How to Manage Customers

If you think that getting customers when you first launch your business is the hardest thing you’ll have to do (and it’s pretty high on that list, don’t get us wrong), think again: dealing with some customers can be a constant battle that’ll drain your energy.

You need to learn to distinguish between the customers that are worth enduring and fighting for (or with), and those that are perpetually unsatisfied and will just waste your time and resources.


#5 How to Put Technology at Your Service

No one is saying that you need to be a tech wizard yourself in order to run a successful business, but you should at least master the basic technical tools required to operate in your industry and to market to your clients effectively on different platforms.

If you choose not to develop that type of skills, be prepared to stay in your competition’s rearview.

L’école d’entrepreneuriat de Québec and other entrepreneurship schools are the designated places to learn the 5 aforementioned traits that are common entrepreneurs. If joining the elite club of the modern entrepreneurs is something you could be interested in, look for an entrepreneurship school close to you!

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