How Can I Sell More? 6 Factors That Influence Purchasing


How can I sell more? This is a question that passes through an entrepreneur’s head at least once a day. Whether you are a beginner entrepreneur or you already have regular customers and you want to increase prices: These 6 factors help you to influence the buying process.

Fortunately, you don’t have to take into account all 6 factors when selling. The most important thing is to realize that they are there and what they mean, and then decide which part of your online marketing you will use.


6 Principles of Persuasion


#1 Reciprocal

Or: give to get. When a customer gets free quality content, he is more likely to buy something later. So the answer to the question “How can I sell more?” Is by giving a lot of value in advance.

This principle is based on content marketing, where you share valuable information through posts, e-books, lead magnets … After a while, you can also sell effectively to that potential customer.


#2 Scarcity

People buy much faster when they know that this is a unique opportunity. For example, when there are only a limited number of places, when there are temporary discounts when they see a clock that counts down …

To apply this principle, you must explain the unique benefits of your product and you must say what your potential customers can do. This is the reason why luxury watches like iwc top gun or Breitling Transocean have many potential fans even though they are sold quite expensive.


#3 Authority

People tend to buy more from companies that already have certain prestige. Is it because of the award they have received because they have been around for a long time, because they have appeared in the important press or because they were recommended by influencers: they are known?

So when you ask yourself, “How can I sell more?” Think of everything you have achieved and show how good you are. This can be done by mentioning the partners who have worked with you, but also with testimonials from your customers.


#4 Consistency

Stick with your decision. People want to continue to do what they have done, want to continue to see what they have seen.

When you create your own profile in a certain way, everything you buy or sell will be linked to it. For example, if you show that you care about the environment, you are more likely to buy ecological products.


#5 Sympathy

People are emotionally affected when they buy something. We will always buy from someone we like and that we think we can trust.

There are several factors that can arouse sympathy:

– physical attractiveness: good appearance shows other good qualities such as honesty, humor, and reliability
– equality: we love people who have their own interests and opinions. We are looking for people with similar personalities and backgrounds.
– praise: we all like to receive compliments and we immediately like people who give praise
– collaboration: we have a sense of solidarity with the people we need to work by achieving goals or with people who help us achieve personal goals
– associations: we sympathize with brands that are associated with values ​​/ ideas that we consider very important


#6 Social agreement

In general, people tend to see the behavior of a large group of people as sound and true. After all, if everyone did it this way, that would be the right way.

Potential customers will, therefore, be more likely to make purchases if many have preceded it. So how can you sell more? By collecting testimonials, opinions, recommendations, and ratings, and publishing your success stories.


Now it’s your turn

Are you now also aware that they have applied the principles of this belief? Do you have an example that you want to share?


What principles have you used to convince (prospective) customers? Do you see it on your site or on your sales promotion? If this has not happened, I invite you to take action and apply it. Be sure to tell us what your experience is!

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