How To Create An Automated Webinar For Passive Income


If you’re looking to create more passive income in your business, which is something you definitely should be doing, then webinars are a great way of being able to do this – whether you do a webinar each month to launch something.

Or you want to create  automated webinars as part of a sales funnel that you can use to sell over and over, it doesn’t really matter as they’re both equally great sales and marketing strategies and work very well together, but for the purpose of this post we’re going to concentrate on creating automated webinars for passive income.


Know your topic

The very first step to creating an automated webinar is to know your topic. Your topic should obviously be related to the end offer that you’re going to make on the webinar, so for example, if you’re offering a course for business owners on how to write their own copy for their website then your webinar should be focused around this topic and deliver real value with at least one action step the people can take and implement after the webinar so that they get real value whether or not they decide to buy your course or not.

Don’t be afraid of giving away too much value on your webinar and thinking that if you give away your best stuff, people won’t buy – the opposite is actually true and people will be more interested in buying from you because it’s not really the information that people want, it’s implementation and the support that they need, and once they see that you are able to get results from the strategies and tactics that you’re teaching, then they will be interested in buying from you and learning more.


Write out bullet points

Once you know what your topic is for the webinar then it’s time to start drafting your ideas down on paper by writing out bullet points of each area that you’re going to focus on. For example, if you want to cover three main strategies for people to help them to write their own copy then you would put each strategy on its own slide and write a bullet point for each one with sub-points of how to implement the strategy.


Create the slides

The slides are an important part of the webinar and are what appear on the screen when people are tuning in to watch and learn from you and are great because they help people to be able to get the information without scribbling down notes and they can just look over the bullet points that are needed for them to grasp the information. There are many tools that you can use to create slides for your webinar, and it really doesn’t have to be a complicated process or take ages to put into place.

For example, you can use something like Google Slides, which is a software built into Google. Additionally, Beautiful.AI is a simple but very powerful presentation software which allows you to create your webinar slides easily and very quickly, even if you have no experience in creating webinars before.


Record yourself talking over the slides

Now that you have your slides created, all you have to do is place them into the correct order and record your voice speaking over them. This enables you to really deliver the training in a way that feels more personal to the people on the other side and lets you bring your personality to the training as well.

You can then set aside some time at the end to even go over things like questions that people might have about the training itself or the course that you’re offering at the end, and of course don’t forget to pitch your course at the end since that’s the whole point of doing the webinar and but make sure that you’ve given good value before you go in and deliver a pitch.


Upload to a video hosting platform

In order to automate your webinar, what you need to do is upload it to a video hosting platform such as YouTube or Vimeo, then you can then share with people a link so that they can watch this webinar once they’ve bought it or sign up for free depending on what your pricing structure is going to be for this webinar and what you’re using it for.

This way, you can put the webinar inside an email series and automate it that way, you can link it through to your website, or even your social media and have people sign up for it through things like Facebook ads so that you’re constantly promoting the webinar without having to take any extra steps.

What are you doing to create a passive income with webinars?

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