Are These 3 Tech Issues Slowing Down Your Business?

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Many businesses adopt the latest technology in order to work faster and more efficiently.

However, when this technology goes wrong it can have the opposite effect, resulting in slower work and sometimes costly downtime.

Here are some of the biggest tech issues that could be slowing down your work rate and what you can do to prevent them.


#1 Slow software

Slow computers can make work frustrating for you and your employees. There are lots of reasons as to why a computer may be acting slowly.

One common reason is too much digital clutter. You could be running out of memory due to having too many programmes or files, in which case a clear-up could be needed. A cluttered desktop or too many browser extensions could also be to blame for your computer’s slowness. Take your time to declutter each machine and start taking advantage of the cloud more for storing data.

Another reason your computers could be running slowly is outdated software. For instance, if your mac is running slowly, check that you’re running the latest version of MacOS. Keeping computers in standby and never restarting them can often lead to software never updating, so check that this isn’t the problem – most software will update automatically on start-up.

Slow software could also possibly be due to a virus, which could be a more serious concern. If you have strong anti-virus software installed on your computers this shouldn’t be the case, however, some viruses can still sneak their way past. Make sure that you’re running decent security software and consider getting help from an IT technician if you suspect you may already have a virus.


#2 Temperamental wi-fi

Shaky wi-fi connection can also be a big inconvenience for businesses. If your internet signal keeps cutting out, you could find it difficult to do many jobs that require an online connection.

Wi-fi problems could be a sign that you need a new router or that you need to take out a better internet package. Consider upgrading your internet so that you can get better connectivity. There are many internet providers that cater specifically to businesses – these are often the most reliable and may have a larger range.

As for doing work on the go, consider ways of keeping your devices connected at all time. If you need to do work from your smartphone, consider opting for an unlimited data plan. You may also be able to invest in a portable router for your laptop. This could save you having to rely on other people’s wi-fi when out and about.


#3 Power outages

A power cut could be particularly damaging to your business. Without electricity, few companies can operate at all. These power cuts can happen for a variety of reasons.

A power cut could be an internal problem. For example, there could be faulty wiring in your company premises or a faulty fuse. Hiring an electrician to take a look at your electrics could be necessary if power cuts are a recurring problem.

Of course, power could be an external problem, in which it could be totally out of your control. In these cases, it’s still possible to find ways to keep your company running. Investing in a backup generator is one way to do this-this could be a solar generator or a fuel-powered generator.

By having a backup option, you’ll be able to keep using electricity even if there is a power station failure or a broken transmission line.

What are you doing to avoid these 3 tech issues?

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