5 Advanced MailChimp Features for Business You Probably Forgot About

When you’re trying to get the most out of your e-mail marketing, you need to key in on the Mailchimp features that help the best.

MailChimp is one of the leading e-mail marketing providers, and you’ll be able to really make the most out of your strategies when you use some of their lesser-known features.

E-mail marketing is the absolute best way to generate leads, so you’ll need to know the features that get the job done.

With this in mind, follow these tips to make use of these MailChimp features.


1. Templates For Individual Campaigns

When you are just getting starting with e-mail marketing, you might not know the best way to create a mailing. The company has created some ready to use templates that let you get started right away.

When you use these templates, all you have to do is plug in the information that you want and include some graphics and links. From here, you are just a few steps away from reaching your recipients in a meaningful way.

These templates, mixed with services like Hubspot MailChimp integration will help you get what you need from your e-mail marketing.


2. Segmenting Your List By Time Zones

Building e-mail lists also mean dealing with people in different time zones.

With Mailchimp features, you can set up your list to send them out at different times. For instance, if you find that 9 a.m. is the best time to send out a mailing to your list, it won’t be as efficient to send them all out at once, since west coast subscribers will get it at 6 a.m.

Instead, MailChimp lets you break down your list by subscriber time zones so that you can send them out accordingly.


3. Opt-In Analytics

The most meaningful way to bring in subscribers is with a quality opt-in.

For instance, you might have an opt-in portal on your blog that gives people a free e-book in exchange for their e-mail address. When you have these different opt-ins, it’s important to check them out to see how or if they are working.

MailChimp has a dashboard that lets you get up to the moment analytics, which will let you finetune and troubleshoot your strategies as you optimize them.


4. Shopping Cart Abandonment Tools

Be sure that you also check out Mailchimp’s shopping cart abandonment tools.

With this tool, you get to automatically send someone an e-mail reminder if they’re in the middle of shopping, and then click out. This helps you retain sales for people who might have gotten sidetracked.

This tool can be linked to an online store and will help you increase your revenue one gentle reminder at a time.


5. Happy Birthday Messages

Who doesn’t like birthday wishes?

When people sign up for any services you have and give their date of birth, you can link this with Mailchimp and wish them a happy birthday each year when the day arrives.

Not only is this a small and meaningful gesture, but you can also include a freebie as a birthday present.


Use These Mailchimp Features For Your Business

When you use these MailChimp features, you will stand to gain a lot from your business.

These are features that not everyone knows about, but will go a long way toward helping you with marketing and revenue.

Consider these tips and be sure to check back for more business tips and financial information.

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