4 Careers That Are Flexible And Pay Well


As much as the 9-5 life does offer benefits for many people, it’s not for everyone, and one of the main reasons it’s not for everyone is that it really doesn’t offer much in the way of flexibility.

If you have a family, for example, then working a few hours during the day could work whilst they’re at school, but having a job where you’re not getting home until the mid-evening isn’t really the most family-friendly option out there.

If you still have to make money, then you do have options that can allow you to have the flexibility you need and still be there for your family, so in this post we’re going to share a few of those careers with you, and the ones we’ve chosen pay particularly well since it’s important that you’re not going to work simply to make ends meet, but that you’re actually feeling rewarded for your efforts.


#1 Copywriter:

If you’re someone who loves to write and if you even have any kind of specialist backgrounds such as within marketing or even a technical or medical field.

Then you could really make a great career for yourself as a copywriter and this is something that you’ll find to be very flexible since you can work for yourself as a freelancer or even if you do gain employment with a company or agency.

You’ll often find that many of them are open to remote working and flexible schedules since the copy can be written for clients all over the world and doesn’t really require set hours as long as the work is getting done on time.


#2 Teacher:

Although teaching is something you definitely have to be qualified for, it’s certainly a good career path to choose if you’re planning to have a family or already have one.

When you return to work since the school hours are very family friendly and also offer a lot of paid holidays such as Christmas and summer which allow you that extra time you need with your own family.


#3 Medical Credentialing:

The medical credentialing process is one that’s very important, but since you’ll likely work for a university or similar organization it’s also quite flexible and can be family-friendly.

So if you have skills or qualifications in this area that could allow you to make sure that professionals are receiving their correct credentials to work in their chosen medical field then this could be a great career choice for you.


#4 Customer Service Rep:

Companies require customer service to be delivered round the clock.

So this is something that suits those with a family since you will often work flexible shift patterns that allow you to work around your family and their needs instead of it being the other way around and you having to try and figure out things like childcare whilst working 9-5 and then not getting to spend any time with your kids after working all day and them being at school.

Are you looking for a flexible career that pays well? 

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