8 Tips for Buying Used Test and Measuring Equipment


Saving is important for anyone in need of test and measuring equipment. Sometimes, the price of used equipment could be above 50% of the price of new equipment. It is common for many suppliers to remanufacture or sell refurbished instruments that re hardly noticeable because of their quality.

The use of online reselling platforms such as eBay and Craigslist have made it easier for dealers and potential buyers to get the best deals on used test and measuring equipment. The million-dollar question still remains, how can I tell that I am getting quality instruments at a bargain?

For the buyer, the purchase has to be justified by the need. They shouldn’t just focus on the slight differentiations in functionality and software. When trying to find a reliable reseller, ensure that they offer technical support when there are any problems with the equipment. You should always ensure that the equipment you are buying meets your need and not lower.

That is because you eventually end up spending more upgrading or buying additional equipment to fit your need.


#1 Ensure your equipment is complete before buying used test and measuring equipment. Some sellers don’t account for all components of the equipment which could eventually cost the buyer more to buy individual components alone. Some things are not considered important such as manuals, protective carrying cases and power leads can tell you how the previous owner cared for the equipment.

#2 When considering what the price of the equipment includes? Consider what supplies the cost includes like consumables. Be sure to ask who will cater to the transportation cost, transport insurance, import duty, and the equipment taxes.

#3 It is the supplier’s job to ensure what they are selling is of good quality and working condition before they even put the equipment upon sale. It is also up to the buyer to verify for themselves that the equipment is working and should ask for the supplier to calibrate it before shipping.

#4 The supplier must be trustworthy and that should be the foundation of the relationship. Check to see how the dealer treats his or her customers especially online. Are the reviews and comments mainly positive regarding the product and the services offered? Check to see what additional services they offer outside the business transaction. Do they deliver or pay for the delivery? Is there technical support and communication after the sale is complete?

#5 Be sure to check the documentation that proves the supplier owns what they are selling you. Insist on proof of ownership and other relevant documentation to rue out scam artists and stolen property. If the reseller requires you to pay all the money upfront, you should ensure that everything being done is above board.

#6 Some suppliers allow the buyer to trade in their old machines for the latest one. First, ensure the machine you are buying can be upgraded later. Ask the supplier if there is an additional cost when trading in old equipment. Some suppliers accept any other machines you have in exchange for equipment in their catalog. Ask all the appropriate question to get as much insight about the services the supplier offers because you might need to use them again in the future.

#7 In case you are buying used equipment because money is tight, there are some trustworthy suppliers that allow you to buy on credit, on hire purchase. Some even allow the buyer to lease the equipment for a period of time at a reasonable fee. Choose a supplier that suits your budget and is flexible on their payment plans.

#8 Because the test and measuring equipment in the market keeps changing and upgrading, you can look for other alternatives other than buying. As stated, leasing or renting is a good option for buyers that are strapped for cash. Buying the latest technology can be expensive and since the equipment keeps changing, the capital investments are often astronomical for small institutions and individuals. The buyer can also look for deals from manufacturers as they can offer good deals on used quality equipment.

For buyers that are looking for better deals on test and measuring equipment, considering the tips above can not only help them save on some money but also get what they are looking for faster.

Are you looking at buying used testing and measuring equipment? 

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