5 Good Reasons to Hire a Dedicated Onsite Registered Nurse for Your Workplace

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Employers are now taking necessary measures to ensure employee wellness and safety in the workplace.

One of the best ways to provide better health resources to your employees is to hire an onsite registered nurse. Onsite nurses can attend to your employees’ medical, wellness and safety needs.

There is always a risk of workplace injuries and illness, including nonfatal ones. In 2019 alone, private industries in the United States of America witnessed 2.8 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses.

An onsite nurse can provide timely medical care in such situations. The following are the benefits of hiring a dedicated onsite registered nurse for your workplace:


1. Better Health Promotion

An on-site nurse is always available to tend to your employees’ health. By receiving proper medical care on time, your employees can heal faster. Nurses at your workplace can also promote and support a healthy lifestyle.

Employees can consult them regarding health issues. Nurses can offer them strategies to prevent or treat physical ailments and mental health problems. You can also facilitate monitoring for chronic diseases.

Overall, an onsite nurse can promote healthy initiatives and practices among your workforce. Employees receive better access to medical and wellness services.


2. Improves Productivity

If your employee leaves the workplace to visit a medical center, it decreases the day’s productivity, even for a few hours. By hiring an onsite nurse, you can bring medical and healthcare services to your employees. They can receive treatment or go for a regular health check-up within your workplace itself.

An appointment with an onsite nurse does not take too long. It cuts down any traveling costs and time for the employees. In this way, you can assure them of convenience. In turn, you save on lost employee working hours. It enhances productivity.


3. Save Costs

Onsite nurses provide immediate medical treatment for all non-emergency injuries at the workplace. The cost of such services is much lower than hospital charges. As a result, your employees can save healthcare expenses while receiving the best treatment.

You can also save your overall business costs. Nurses at your workplace can identify any potential safety and health risks. You can implement necessary preventive measures to avoid any hazards. It saves you workers’ compensation costs.


4. Crisis Intervention and Counseling

Your employees can always depend on an onsite nurse for counseling on healthcare and medical needs. Nurses can also intervene and counsel on other issues such as substance abuse and psychological needs.

At times, an onsite nurse can take up employee assistance programs. Employees can seek the nurse’s help regarding any health issue. In addition, nurses can provide referrals and helpful community resources to the employees.


5. Employee Satisfaction

An onsite nurse makes sure to look after your employees’ medical and healthcare needs. With better access to such services, employees can take care of their health and wellness. It leads to better job satisfaction.

Your organization may soon find higher employee retention levels. Such efficient employee benefits also attract more recruits to your business.

A dedicated onsite registered nurse at your workplace can attend to your employees’ illnesses and injuries. You can facilitate timely and convenient medical and healthcare services. It helps in ensuring a healthier workforce while saving high costs.

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