5 Must-Try Cuisines When Holidaying in Singapore


Popular as a melting pot of a variety of cuisines, Singapore incorporates a rich heritage of dishes influenced by the Chinese, Indian, Malaysian and Indonesian cuisines.

The food courts, shopping centers, and various shop houses complete the look of Singapore for a traveler. The city makes up an amazing culinary variety with various street foods on the list as well.

Moreover, the city has Indian restaurants on the Race Course Street where the food centers end the hunger of many offering them their favorite dishes with great aroma and taste.

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Hub of delectable food, there are some must-try cuisines for all the travelers:


#1 Frog Porridge

One of the cleanest dishes, Frog Porridge is prepared by marinating the frogs in wine, soy, spring onions, with spicy chili spread on it. The porridge often comes with a green onion sauce and can be ordered with other frog variants.


#2 Sambal Stingray

Known as Ikan Bakar, Sambal Stingray has been invented in Singapore and is served with spicy Sambal Sauce. Being grilled in the banana leaf, the fish retains leaf’s natural flavors.

Sambal sauce is a mixture of various chili peppers, shrimp paste, spices, and shallots. Sometimes, the fish is left with a crispy outer side with an amazing melting and moist interior. The dish has also been named as BBQ Seafood.


#3 Mud Crab

Number one culinary claim of the city, Mud Crab, is a dish that is prepared with the use of just black pepper or thick chili and tomato sauce. No matter it is prepared using black pepper or chili, it is delectable in both of its forms.

Moreover, its black pepper variety is served with lush jackfruit sauce that offers a lip-smacking taste. For this dish, the hard-shelled crab is stir-fried which makes it one of the best recipes.


#4 Hainanese Chicken Rice

Hainanese Chicken Rice is served with gingerly and garlicky chicken on the top of the heap of white rice. The dish is probably the quintessential Singaporean dish which can be easily found in the hawker market.

Along with this, there are many other similar dishes which you can savor- Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice and Noodles. Hainanese Chicken Rice as the name suggests was originated in China and is also extremely popular in various countries including Singapore.


#5 Rojak

The dark and sticky dish of the town, Rojak is the salad that does not have an appealing look but is actually very delicious. This culinary marvel reflects the cultural diversity of Singapore by bringing various flavors to the taste.

Sauce of Rojak is what marks its taste and is made up of fermented prawn paste, lime and sugar with a slight chili paste. The sauce of Rojak is served in a large wooden bowl and a wooden spoon.

When the sauce is complete, the ingredients are added to it which includes beansprout, king-kong, Chinese turnip, tangy fruits and much more. Rojak is typically sold by Chinese hackers, but its origin is still unknown.


Final Thoughts…

All the above dishes are the must-try in Singapore as they don’t just reflect culinary traditions of the country but also allows people to savor some of the best tastes. The authentic list of local food of Singapore is quite lengthy, but yes, you must check on to some of them.

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