6 Ways To Keep Your Business Running While You’re On Vacation

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If there is one thing that is absolutely necessary as a business owner, it’s time off. Business owner burnout is a real thing, and unless you are hyper-aware of it, you’re going to work yourself until you drop.

There is nothing good about a business that has an owner who drops down with exhaustion, so you need to take steps to make sure that this doesn’t happen to you.

Many people assume that the hardest bit about being a business owner is the start, where you’re getting your business up and running. It’s not entirely true! Many people start their own company without any issue, not least until they have been running for a while and they have to keep their business going.

The more you put into it, the better it gets, but the more exhausted you become. It’s good to care about your business, but it’s not great if you want to book a vacation and the entire time you’re away, you’re panicked about how it’s going.

You deserve a break, which is why you need to know how to keep your business running while you’re on vacation. Shall we take a look?



#1 Get Work Done Before You Go


If you have got a to-do list as long as your arm, the best thing that you can do before you head out on your vacation is to clear it as much as you are able.

There will be work leftover, of course, but get as much done within your own deadlines as is possible, and you’ll find that you have less to stress about when you’re away.



#2 Brief Your Team. Again. And Again.


You need to have a team that you can trust to leave behind with your business for a couple of weeks.

Of course, the team that you already have should be the ones you rely on, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t hire in some external help.

A 24/7 answering service could really help you to control the calls in and out of your business, to deal with queries and fielding only the essential calls to your personal phone/email. After all, you’re on vacation and need professionals to help!



#3 Check Your Emails


Okay, so we know you’re having a break from work, but is it really going to be a break if you are worrying about work?

Allocate 20 minutes a day in the morning and evening to permit yourself to look at your work emails. This time is scheduled in, so you’re going to stick to that schedule, and after that, you have other vacation-related activities to do.

This tiny piece of the puzzle is going to ensure that you don’t feel out of the loop or worried.



#4 Be As Organised As Possible


In the month before you go on vacation, you need to be as organised as you can. Get the rest of the business involved if you must, but make sure that you have the people with the right skills looking after things for you.

You need to know your finances are being overseen by the right team, that your IT management is still running smoothly and that your team are correctly tasked for your time away.

If you’re organised with your team, then you will find it far easier to ensure that things are running smoothly.



#5 Delegate & Watch The Magic


Your vacation is a chance for you to give your senior management team time to grow.

As you won’t be there anymore, they will get the opportunity to take a step up into the next role and play a new part in the business.

Not only does this give you the time to see whether they are capable of overseeing essential business operations, but it also allows them to gain experience in a new position.



#6 Be Available (Kind Of)


It is a good idea to relax while giving yourself those 20 minutes twice a day we mentioned earlier.

The only thing is that not every situation can be avoided. You can enjoy time away without being smothered, but you do need to keep up with emergencies.

So, keep your work phone on with only permission for emergency calls to come through on. Failing that, an emergency only email address can be given to select senior management members to contact you if they absolutely must.

Business owner burnout is not something you want to experience, so give yourself a break and take that much-needed vacation. Do it for yourself for a change!

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