4 Ways to Be More Creative With Home Security


Nowadays, a lot of people don’t feel safe in their homes. With criminal activity evergrowing and continuing to plague communities, it can be hard to be confident in the natural security which comes with the place.

Locks can easily be broken and will have to be replaced by Fast Keys, windows get smashed, and even traditional alarm systems can be made useless. Of course, though, it wouldn’t be practical to hire a security guard to solve this issue. Instead, you need to find creative ways to lock down your home, and this post is here to help.

It will be exploring some of the best DIY methods to keep your home tightly locked.


#1 Cameras

CCTV systems are rarely found cheap and can be very hard to afford when you are living in a normal home. Difficulty in this area shouldn’t stop you from working towards it, though, and you should be looking towards the alternatives.

USB signals can go over very long distances, and webcams can often be found very cheaply. This makes it easy to build your work camera network using some cheap cameras, a laptop, and some extension cables.

The laptop will have to remain on at all times to record footage.


#2 Early Warning Systems

Cameras are great for catching people after they have committed a crime, but won’t do much to tell you when a crime is in the act.

To add another layer to your laptop security system, investing in some motion detection gear could be a good idea.

Detecting people without being noticed, these devices can wake you up in the middle of the night and can make it possible to keep an eye on the place while you’re away.

One option I like to use is a wireless doorbell because they have a camera built into them.  One of the best wireless doorbell options is the ones offered by Ring which give you that extra added layer of protection.


#3 Animals

Moving away from technology, it’s time to consider one of the most popular defenses throughout the course of history; animals.

The best to choose for home security are dogs, as people often fear them, and they can make a lot of noise without much stimulation.

With the right training, you could have a dog which actively protects your home, barking as soon as they notice a potential threat. This will scare away a lot of would-be criminals trying to access your place.


#4 Self-Defence

Finally, as the last area to consider, it is always a good idea to have a final measure in place in case the first options fail. Self-defense can be a powerful tool in a home invasion, with law enforcement equipment giving anyone the ability to look after themselves.

Of course, along with some gear, it will be worth getting some training in this area, especially if you plan to take an active approach in defending your home.

Hopefully, with all of this in mind, it will be a lot easier to start being more creative with your home security methods.

While this market can be very expensive, there are a lot of ways to make it cheaper, making it possible to keep your home secure no matter what your budget. A lot of people find it easier to sleep at night with this sort of work under control.

What are you doing to be more creative with your home security?

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