3 Types of Filtration Systems You Need to Change on Your Car Regularly


Car filters serve to extend the life of various elements of the vehicle, preventing impurities from damaging them.

It is very important to pay attention to the recommended time for changing the specific manual of the car, as well as to make periodic reviews.


#1 Air filter

Have you ever wondered how much air your car engine needs to use to run? It is estimated to be about 3,500 liters of air per minute.

Therefore, this immense amount of air must pass through the air filter before it reaches the engine, as we know that dust particles and other debris are present throughout the air.


When to change the air filter?

In general, it is recommended that the filter be changed every 6 months. Another calculation is by mileage.

On urban roads, the recommended mark is 10 thousand kilometers driven. On rural roads, half: the filter must be changed up to 5,000 km of the vehicle.


#2 Cabin Air Filter

The cabin air filter has a very important function for the vehicle. It performs the filtering of pollutants so that they do not enter the car cabin. In addition to being overshadowed by the other more well-known filters, there is another reason people generally don’t know anything about it.


When to change the air conditioning filter?

The general recommendation for changing the air conditioning filter is every 20,000 km to 40,000 km run. But there are mechanics who recommend changing once a year, even if the brand described is not reached.

In any case, the ideal is that you check the vehicle’s manual and find the indication for your car. In this way, you can more effectively prevent damage and expense resulting from the operation of your air filter.


#3 Fuel filter

There are some parts on the vehicle that must be maintained constantly. Thus, items such as the gasoline filter deserve special attention. As well as other functions, it prevents impurities from entering the engine, which can further damage the vehicle.

Although cheap and simple to change, they can cause irreversible damage to vital parts of the car.


When to change the gasoline filter?

Here, we list some of the symptoms that your car may experience if the gasoline filter is damaged or dirty:

  • Difficulty starting the car;
  • The engine chokes and stops the car;
  • Increased fuel expenditure;
  • Rust appears on the filter.

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