7 Secrets that Restaurants Don’t Want You to Know


In light of the alarming revelation that one-third of Uber drivers admit to taking food from an order, you may be wondering what other unpleasant and perhaps notorious things are happening behind-the-scenes when you head out to eat.

Well, ask and ye shall receive as we reveal seven secrets that restaurants don’t want you to know:


#1 Lemon slices are ideal for adding a bit of zest to sparkling water, soft drinks, tea, and alcoholic drinks (did someone say long island iced tea?). However, beware: lemons slices are notoriously dirty, and are often touched by dozens of people before they get to you. You’ve heard of bring your own beer? Well, maybe you should bring your own lemon.


#2 Wait staff hates it — truly, utterly hate it — when customers turn eating out into a learning event by having their child try and wade through an order. Give your wait staff (and your kid for that matter) a break and order for them. 


#3 If you hear classical music in a restaurant, it’s probably not because the owner or manager has a thing for Bach or Beethoven.  It’s because research has shown that people who listen to classical music feel richer — and hence are likely to spend more and tip higher. 


#4 Just like fellow guests in hotels or serviced apartments, there’s a very good chance that the people eating the same meal next to you in a restaurant are paying less — not because they’re a celebrity, but because they’re using coupons. The moral to this story? Dig around online before you go out to eat, and you might be surprised at how much you’ll save.


#5 Although it may be advertised in a giant banner or LED display designed by the Landmark Sign Company, the so-called “special of the day” might only be given this lofty designation because it’s about to go bad. Better eat that fish soup before it eats you!


#6 You’re welcome to ask wait staff “what’s good to eat?”, but be aware that most of them have no idea — because they haven’t eaten everything on the menu. Besides, they wisely don’t want to be responsible if they recommend something that you end up hating or sending back. When in doubt, stick to the classics — or be prepared to take the risk.


#7 Toward the end of the evening, some restaurants only brew decaf — but don’t reveal this to customers — because they don’t want to end up cleaning two coffee machines. Conversely, if you show up and there’s no decaf brewing, you might end up with regular (caffeinated) coffee, or a mix of lukewarm decaf coffee and hot regular coffee. Your best bet? Brew your own coffee at home so that you know what you’re getting. 

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