3 Practical Tips for an Affordable Stress-Free Move

Moving isn’t often an easy process. It takes a lot of planning, time, and money to pack up all of your belongings and move them to a new home.

In fact, it takes so much planning that even the most organized people can become overwhelmed if they aren’t careful.

The good news is there are several things you can do to save yourself a few bucks and a lot of stress. Check out these practical moving tips to plan an affordable, stress-free move.


#1 Hire Movers

Hiring movers is an added expense, but it’s actually a really affordable one. When you compare the rates from professional moving companies, such as North American Van Lines, to the expenses you incur when you try to move on your own, there’s a good chance you’ll find them really comparable.

Most people who believe that it’s cheaper to move haven’t actually compared all of the costs associated with their move. Some of the costs you need to consider include:

  • Moving truck rental — don’t forget to include an additional amount beyond the per hour or per day rate to cover the cost of the added insurance and any additional per-mile fees.
  • Gasoline
  • Wear and tear on your vehicle — if you are using your vehicle in place of or in addition to the moving truck
  • Paying people to help you — if needed
  • The cost of food and beverages you supply to your helpers
  • Any pay you lose because you have to take time away from work
  • The cost of babysitters or pet sitters — if needed

People are often surprised to discover just how affordable it is to hire movers for a couple of hours, but the best thing about hiring movers is that it saves you so much time and stress.

If you’ve never watched professional movers work, it will blow your mind to see how fast they go.


#2 Save Money by Moving Supplies

Don’t splurge on moving supplies. Instead, cut costs as much as possible so you have the extra money needed to hire professional movers. So before you buy moving supplies, check out these tips:

  • Don’t purchase moving boxes. Call local stores to see what days their deliveries arrive and ask if they could save the boxes for you. Many places are more than happy to donate the boxes once the inventory is unloaded.
  • Ask friends and family members if they have extra boxes or other moving supplies laying around their house — many will be happy to get rid of them. If you don’t know who to ask, post a request on your social media accounts. Chances are, someone you know has moving supplies they are willing to give you.
  • If you’ve exhausted all of your options, and still need moving boxes, purchase plastic storage bins instead. They are handy, versatile, and can be reused time and time again. If you rent a home, save the bins and use them during your next move. If you’re buying your first home, chances are, you’ll need the plastic bins after your move for additional storage.
  • Use clothes, towels, blankets, and linens instead of bubble wrap or packing peanuts to protect breakable items during your move.


#3 Delegate Tasks

Packing up your belongings and organizing everything takes a lot of work, but it’s important to be ready to go when the movers arrive.

Relieve unnecessary stress and free up your time for more important things by delegating easy tasks.

  • Give each family member a few trash bags to fill with items they want to donate or throw out.
  • After each family member goes through their belongings, have them pack all of the items they want to take to the new house.
  • Put children in charge of tasks such as caring for pets or taking out the trash during the moving process.
  • Split remaining tasks with your partner, if possible. For example, one of you can pack up the common rooms while the other contacts utility companies for new service and changes your address with credit card companies, banks, schools, and any other important companies.

Don’t let moving take over your life — if you’re like most people, you don’t need the added stress. Instead, take the time to plan properly, hire movers, and delegate tasks to other family members.

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