Valuable Information on Car Accidents in New York City

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The year 2018 witnessed about 277,971 car accidents in New York City. In 2019, there were 206,754 collisions. The number came down to around 11,834 in 2020, mainly because of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, it is still a significant number. While there are several reasons behind the high rates of vehicle accidents, they can cause severe injuries and even be fatal.

You can never overstate the necessity of having a New York City car accident lawyer in such situations.

Having handled similar cases in the past, they bring with them years of experience and expertise. How can your lawyer help you?

What should you do after an accident? Is there a minimum auto insurance amount you need to maintain?

Lawsuit process for car accidents in New York

The lawsuit process for car accidents in New York City consists of pre-litigation, litigation, and recovery. Your lawyer will handle the entire process and the various steps involved in it. Here’s a brief outline for a basic understanding.

Pre Litigation

It refers to the process involved before the lawsuit is filed in the New York Civic City Court. Your attorney will collect the videos, photos, and reels of the accident site.

They will arrange the necessary documents and help you with filing a no-fault insurance claim.


When a lawsuit is filed at the court, it is described as litigation. After the case is filed, both parties argue and present their issues by obtaining evidence from each other.

There is a trial in which the jury hears the case. Finally, a judgment is either made by a judge or a court of law. Of course, the parties could also reach an agreement.

What should you do after an accident?

Stop your vehicle immediately

Immediately after an accident, you should shift your car into parking mode. If you can, move the vehicle to the side of the road or in a convenient position.

Check if you or anybody else has suffered any injuries. If there are injuries, dial 911 immediately, but never touch or treat the injured person unless you have first aid training. You should also call your lawyer and inform them of the accident.

Exchange information

With your lawyer by your side, you should exchange as much information as possible with the other party.

Some of these include the driver’s license, car registration number, and insurance details. Your lawyer might also note the name, badge number, and patrol area or precinct.

Get medical treatment

You must receive medical attention in the shortest time. When you dial 911, the police will arrive along with the ambulance. However, you could also go to your doctor or ask your lawyer to suggest a good doctor or healthcare center.

They might also help you out financially in the short term if the situation demands it.

What car insurance should you have?

There are primarily three types of auto insurance coverage in New York City. These are Personal Injury Protection (PIP), liability, and uninsured motorists.

Out of these three, all car owners should have PIP. However, this no-fault personal injury insurance does not cover the damage caused to your or the other party’s vehicle. It covers an amount of 50,000 USD$ per person and includes the driver, passengers, and pedestrians.

The information mentioned above, along with the expert assistance of a New York City car accident lawyer, will help you cope efficiently and promptly with an accident if you ever find yourself in one.

Without an attorney, you might find it’s almost impossible to make a claim, file a lawsuit or even understand the legal technicalities.

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