Shopping Cannabis In-Store- How To Stay Covid-Safe

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The pandemic has reshaped lives beyond recognition. A simple activity like shopping at a retail store requires a lot of care and caution to avoid getting infected by the virus.

Even as cannabis stores were deemed essential and opened through the first wave, shopping in-store acquired a new meaning, and it continues to be the same amid new strains and repeated waves.

Retailers have the right measures in place to ensure the safety of customers and employees. But you can also do your bit to stay safe. 

Of course, you do not even have to visit a physical store at all, many people have turned their attention to purchasing their cannabis at online dispensaries, much like You will be able to get all your cannabis delivered directly to your door, without the need to leave the safety of your home. 

However, if you still want to visit a store if, for example, you are unable to find what you are looking for online, then here are some measures that can keep you Covid-safe as you shop cannabis from a retail dispensary.

Limit your time in the store

The best piece of advice for shoppers right now is to stay at home as much as possible. There are options to buy online or pick orders from the curbside.

But you may still want to drop in a retail store rather than order online and have your cannabis delivered at home or opt for curbside pickups. In that case, take steps to limit your time in the retail store.

The smartest way to do it is by preparing for your shopping spree with some research. Most stores have online menus these days, so you can explore them and make a list of products you want to buy even before stepping in.

It also lets you check the availability of items. So you can save up on the time needed to explore the menus and see the products when you are there.

Steer clear of queues

While you must limit the time in-store, it is equally important to steer clear of queues. Human contact elevates the risk of infection manifold, and the last thing you will want to do is catch the virus while shopping for your favorite cannabis products.

Fortunately, many dispensaries have embraced the pos unlimited solution to eliminate queues in the facilities. The solution also works for deliveries and curbside pickups, so you have the option to pay where you are, even without queuing up to pay.

Just make sure that the store you choose has a system in place so that you can stay safe from the virus.

Follow the Covid-safety protocol

It is a no-brainer, as you have to follow the rules to be safe. Limiting in-store time and paying via POS cover you on the social distancing front. But it isn’t enough to ensure complete protection.

You also need to wear a face mask at all times while you are outside. The store will have a policy for staff and customers, so adhere to it. They will also have hand sanitizing stations around the facility.

Sanitize frequently and avoid touching surfaces because there are good chances of contamination there. It makes sense to follow every small detail to ensure safety.

Shopping cannabis in-store amid the pandemic requires some precautions at your end. Although you may have to make a conscious effort to adhere to these precautions, it is worthwhile because you can curb the spread of the virus with only a little effort.

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