5 Cheap DIY Ways to Advertise Your Brand


It can be difficult establishing your brand when you are on a budget. Whether you are a local flower shop or an e-commerce business selling specially designed phone covers, every business can benefit from saving when the budget and business plan permits it.

Fortunately, although there are many areas of your business where you should invest and/or hire a professional, there are also many cheap – or even free – ways to advertise your brand both on – and offline, and you can do them all yourself! All it takes is some time and a bit of effort.

Below is a list of 5 budget-friendly DIY tips to how you can best promote your brand:


#1 Communicate with Social Media

Customers like to feel like they are heard, and so they tend to prefer brands they can communicate with.

This means that not only should you create profiles for your brand on all the major social media platforms, but you should also take time to respond to any questions and feedback your customers send your way.

Keep consistently posting on all your social media profiles, and make sure that you show your customers that you appreciate them.


#2 Create Your Own YouTube Channel and/or Blog

Depending on your brand and who your customer base is, creating a YouTube channel and/or a blog can be a great way to advertise your brand online.

Not only can you give your customers more information through videos or blog posts, but by running your own channel or blog, you will also be able to advertise your products or services in more detail, as well as collaborate more easily with other brands.


#3 Make Your Own Posters and Flyers

No need to hire a professional, just design your own posters and flyers.

By using a poster maker programme, you can easily create professional-looking posters, which you can either hang up in your local community or post online on your website or social media platforms.

Creating your own flyers is particularly beneficial if you are a local business. Just leave them by your till for your customers to grab and take home.


#4 Communicate With Other Brands

While it is not necessarily a good idea to engage with the direct competition, you can create a lot of brand awareness by communicating with brands that compliment yours.

For example, if you sell stationery online, you may want to get in touch with a brand that specializes in designing home offices.

If you like the other brand´s products – and they, in turn, like yours – you can easily strike up a mutually beneficial relationship where you advertise each others´ products.


#5 Get all the Free Software

Who doesn´t like free stuff? There are loads of great programmes and software out there that can help you set up and market your brand, and a lot of it is free!

Marketing Automation software, web design programmes, and social media listening tools are only some of the programmes you can get for free.

So what kind of do it yourself options have you come with to promote your brand?  Share your thoughts and comments below.


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