What Big Business Can Teach SME’s About Ecommerce


Small business can learn a lot about successful e-commerce from the bigger player in the game.

After all, it is they that have the largest turnovers and so you would expect them to be on top of things as far as e-commerce is concerned.

With that in mind, read on to find out about the strategies that large online companies use that can be easily adapted to your SMEs to help it be more successful in this area.


Payment Options

Offering the right payment options online is a big deal, and larger companies are very quick to realize this. They twigged that you could lose a sale over something as simple as having to enter in card details. A task that many folks see as unnecessary hassle now there are multiple forms of online payments to use instead.

Big businesses know that simple things can lose them sales.

That is why it is vital for even small businesses to offer things like Apple Pay, and Paypal for the convenience of their customers.

It also important that they are given the option to create a guest checkout, that is faster than creating an account. However, you still need to ensure that this also allows you to collect essential data such as an email address that can be used as a warm lead for marketing later on.




Most of the successful big sellers online get that clarity is king, both in the way that they display their products and the choices that they provide to customers.

No one wants to have to think too hard or do hours of research before they buy their item. That is why product descriptions should contain all the relevant information, and the images should be as clear as possible.

The really successful players like Amazon also provide very easy access to multiple reviews of the item a customer is considering purchasing. Something that can help customers a great deal in their decision to buy so is well worth including too.




Advertising has traditionally been about placing promotional material in a location that you hope as many potential customers as possible will see it.

However, the big sellers use a much more aggressive form of advertising now that actually seeks out individuals with a much higher chance of going through with a purchase.

The way that they do this is through paid online advertising that allows your specific promotional material to be displayed to very specific buyers.

Something that means while you may have fewer impressions out there overall, the ones you do have are likely to be much more effective in garnering sales.


Limited Offers


Last, of all, don’t forget the power of a bargain on the consumer. Everyone likes to think that they are savvy enough to get the best deal and being able to offer a discount, an additional product, or something else useful for the customer is a method that big business uses all the time.

To make this even more effective, ensure that there is a time limit on the offer.

The reason for this is that it can help tip potential customers over the edge into actual sales.

Something that as an SME your business will need to survive.

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