5 Essential Ways to Automate Your Sales Processes


As technology processes at an ever-increasing rate, we are finding more and more uses and benefits that are changing the way we live our lives, especially when it comes to the world of business; in particular; sales.

At the moment, automation is all the rage, and the fact businesses of any size can automate nearly every aspect of their sales strategy is bringing about more time to focus on important things, more opportunities for growth, more chances to increase your profits.

Today, we’re going to explore five of the key areas of your sales strategy you can start automating today, allowing you to reap all the amazing benefits this technology has to offer.


#1 – Automating Your Email

With statistics showing that nearly all sales reps spend over 21% of their day answering, writing and crafting emails, it’s no wonder businesses are looking for ways to cut down this time to make things easier for everyone.

By setting up an automated email marketing strategy, you can proactively help your customers, and leads have a better experience where they can interact with your business consistently and professionally, all while freeing up your sales rep’s time to focus on more important things.


#2 – Managing Daily Tasks

Another huge chunk of time that sales reps end up carrying out is basic administration tasks to help keep everything running smoothly. However, automating the more tedious tasks can be a great way to free up some time and minimize the risk of error.

From data entry tasks to creating, managing and reminding staff and employees about meetings and appointments, automating the smallest of tasks can help everything run incredibly smoothly.


#3 – Using Chatbots

Let’s face it, the large majority of the communications you have with leads and customers is generic things you need to say over and over again. From opening times of your stores, shipping and returns information and general queries, make your life easier by implementing an automated chatbot.

These chatbots can be set up on your website or social media profiles to answer the basic customer queries, so your staff doesn’t have too, allowing them to concentrate and give a better service to those who need it.


#4 – Prioritizing Your Leads

There’s no denying that some leads are going to be more beneficial and likely to make a sale than another but trying to figure this out on an individual basis can be incredibly time-consuming; the time you could be spending elsewhere.

However, using lead automation software, such as the automated sales solutions by Spiro, you can automatically prioritize your leads in order to achieve the maximum return.


#5 – Generating Reports

Report generating can be so tedious when an employee has to sit down and pour through the data and then generate a report from the end of it. There’s also a huge risk of human error that can cause problems further down the line. Alleviate both of these problems using automated solutions.



As you can see, there are some really awesome ways automated sales solution can help boost the success rates of your business, as well as a seemingly infinite number of benefits. Make sure you’re researching and paying attention to the weaker areas of your business so you can see where to improve.

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