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In the modern world, there are more people than ever taking the plunge when it comes to building their own homes. With huge leaps in the accessibility of design, it’s become much easier to handle this work for yourself. Of course, though, building an entire property will be expensive, and you might not need the benefits you will gain from it.

If you already like the home you’re living in, but still have to deal with a growing family which is outgrowing it, building something new isn’t the best idea. Instead, to lower the costs and time involved, having an extension built can be just as good as a new home.

Giving you space for the little ones without forcing you to move, this post will be exploring what will have to be done if you want to go down this route for your own home.


Design & Planning

The first area you will have to delve into for this project will be a little bit of design and planning.

It’s important to have blueprints for the building work before it starts, as this will give your local government something to approach when the time comes. Planning consultants should be able to help you through this stage, helping you to make sure that everything is in order.

Along with this, though, you’ll also need to find a good architect.


Get the Work Done

Once your plans have been approved, it will be time to start working on the building work itself. This will start with finding a good construction company to handle the work for you unless you have the skills to handle it yourself.

It’s always important to do plenty of research when you’re choosing a business like this to work with. There will be reviews all over the web, and this can make it nice and easy to get an idea of how professional they are with their clients.


Move Out

With a good company on the books, it will be time to crack on with the extension. If your children are very young, it could be worth moving them out of the house for a short time until the work is done.

Older children, though, should be fine with the noise and commotion involved with this project. Making sure that your job stays on target for deadlines and time will take a little bit of pressure, and you will have to remain a large part of the job throughout its course.

Of course, the best companies will work well on their own, but all of them will work best with someone pushing them.

With all of this in mind, it should start to get a lot less stressful to think of the future with your family. As children grow, having enough space for them to play, have time alone, and have a private area are very important.

Into their teenage years, they will grow very resentful if they are unable to seek refuge in their own room, and this is something which has to be considered when they are still young.

Are you planning to do major work in your house?  I did this back several years ago and moved out of my house for two whole months and it was definitely worth it.

So how about you, have you considered renovating your home?  Share your thoughts below in the comments.


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