3 Ways to Add Value To Your Apartment Before Selling It


The pressure is on for many people to get on the property ladder as soon as possible, and the demand for houses and luxury apartments is at its highest.

It is a great time if you are looking at selling to upsize or travel abroad to be putting your apartment on the market.

However, with the height of demand comes the potential for receiving more than you purchased your apartment for, and there are plenty of ways you can increase the asking price for your current lot.


#1 Update The Kitchen And Bathroom

If there are two rooms that come out on the top of everyone’s scrutiny list, it is the kitchen and the bathroom.

Everyone is prepared to repaint the bedrooms or put hardwood flooring down in the lounge, but if the kitchen and bathrooms aren’t up to scratch, they will spend their money elsewhere.

You don’t have to do a full refurb or rip out everything until you’re down to the last tile – just making small changes will help either room to feel like new.

In the bathroom, redoing your grout, swapping your decorative toilet seat back to the plain boring white one, and replacing the taps and shower curtain, will spruce everything up.

In the kitchen: upcycling the cupboards if they are looking a little worse for wear, and investing in some on-trend copperware to decorate will help to modernize the kitchen and appeal to the younger buyer.

If you know someone is coming to view the house that afternoon, and you love being in the kitchen, try the old trick of baking some cookies or cupcakes in the morning. The lingering baking smell will not only make the apartment all homely and cozy, but you can also offer your viewers one as a lovely gesture.


#2 Appeal To A Target Buyer

If you know your apartment is perfect for a newly wedded couple, or for the single workaholic, then appeal to their common needs. Showing a well-nested apartment with little details such as flowers on the coffee table and artwork on the walls will allow a young couple to picture their own artwork and photographs.

A lot of people when looking for a home want to be able to imagine themselves living there – it is worth helping their imagination along with a little.

If you’re appealing to the single workaholic, make sure your office space is organized and well set out. Someone who works from home could well base their buying choice on the quality of the workspace.


#3 Change The Windows

Updating the double glazing will be invaluable to not only you but to your potential buyers too. It will raise your property value, and be an extra selling point to viewers.

If you have windows nearing their 20-year life expectancy, this may be off-putting as it will be an added cost for the movers. Having this cost disguised in your overall buying price will not affect the attractiveness of the property cost wise, but instead, increase the attractiveness of the investment.

Making even just one of these little changes will help to increase your apartment’s attractiveness and value so that it could even be taken off the market as soon as you advertise it.

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