Can You Make Money As An Artist?


Usually, when people think of artists, they have an image in their head of the ‘struggling artist’.

Sure, there have been many artists in the past who have struggled as they pursued their craft, and then only became wealthy once they died…or went crazy.

However, it’s 2018; of course, there are far more ways for artists to make money now than ever before.

Let’s talk more about it:


See If You Can Find A Flexible Job

Finding a flexible job is easier in this day and age than ever before. You can work as a freelancer, advertise your services online, and make money doing any number of things you can imagine.

You could even do your best to set up a few passive income streams and see if you can make money while you sleep!

The more financial freedom you have, the better to support your art and wait for the money to start rolling in that way.

Make sure you have a plan to save money and don’t splash out on unnecessary purchases unless they are going to help your art. Managing your finances is a must.


Develop The Right Mindset And Attitude

Having the right mindset and attitude as an artist is a must.

If this is what you really want, then you need to commit to the lifestyle and be in it for the long haul. If you can’t handle the rejection and the uncertainty, then it may be that the artist life isn’t actually for you.

Developing a positive mindset is a must (you don’t have to be sad to make great art), and having a can-do attitude will help you to succeed. It’s free to set up social media profiles and market your art, so try doing it that way.


Network With Other Artists and Buyers

Networking with people is important in any industry – it’s not what you know, it’s who you know, as they say. Make sure you network with other artists and buyers.

You never know who they could introduce you to, or what they want to collaborate on.


Open A Gallery

Opening a gallery is a step that many artists decide to take. It can mean showcasing your work to people who want to buy it and helping other artists to showcase theirs.

You could even decide to create special projects especially for the opening, using tools like Banker Wire to help you make something awe-inspiring. If you do decide to go down this route, make sure you treat it as a business.


Go Into Teaching

There’s something we’d like to hit home here: you should only ever go into teaching if you love it. If you do, you can easily make money teaching others about the craft that you love so much. Teaching is hard work, but it can feel like play when you love it.

Yes, you can make money as an artist, but your head needs to be in the right place. Do you have tips of your own? Leave them below.

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