How To Improve The Outside Of Your Business

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Despite the old saying ‘never judge a book by it’s cover’, first impressions do matter. It does not matter how well organized or successful your business is if the outside looks poorly maintained and rundown, it will not paint your business in a particularly positive light and can lose you custom.

If they pull up and see a  trash-strewn car park and shabby environment, it will give potential customers or clients completely the wrong perception about what it is like to do business with you.

95% of shoppers say that they base their decisions about whether to go into a shop on what it looks like from the outside, so sprucing up the outside will almost definitely increase foot traffic to your store.

A positive curb appeal is essential if you want to give people the best possible impression of your business, and here, we are going to look at some of the things that you can do.


Clean up

If the outside of your building is messy and cluttered, it is not going to be particularly inviting to customers. It also makes your business look neglectful and careless – something that a potential client is not going to look upon particularly favorably.

Spend some time cleaning up the outside of the building: pick up litter, give windows and walls a wipe down or clean with a pressure washer.


Give it a lick of paint

Cast your mind back to the last time your building was painted. A decent paint job should last many years, so it is probably time to give it a bit of a refresh. Painting the outside of your building is one of the most effective ways of improving the way a building looks.

A cracked, peeling paint job exposes the siding underneath and leaves it open to the elements of sun, wind and rain which can damage the structure of your building, but it also looks incredibly unsightly.

You could even use the opportunity to change the color scheme completely. Paint it in your brand colors to make it really stand out.


Maintain the landscaping

It is not just the building that needs some tender loving care, but the landscape surrounding it. Bushes that have overgrown, fallen leaves, and out of control weeds make it look unkempt and unloved.

Spend time regularly giving it a tidy up; trim bushes and hedges, pick up dead leaves, and most importantly, mow the lawns. You can look at this company website for slope mowers if you have an uneven landscape to deal with.

The difference between an untidy landscape and a maintained one is incredible, but be aware that it is something that needs doing regularly; it is far from a one-time task.


Add greenery

A splash of green will always improve the outside of a building and make it much more welcoming.

It does not have to be complicated – well-placed pots outside the door or a couple of hanging baskets or shrubs by the entrance can be really impactful.

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