Land Investment: 4 Opportunities to Explore


To sustain a positive financial future, many of us have chosen to invest our money in property or through stocks and shares. The former is a viable way of making an income, and the latter is a relatively easy (though very risky) way to amass a sizeable nest egg.

The other way to invest your money is through the land. While this may sound like an unattractive proposition – what are you supposed to do with it once you have bought it? – you can actually generate a fair amount of income.

You do need to increase your knowledge first – every smart investor does – and you should also consider whether you want to practically use the land for your own purposes, or perhaps hire the land out to others.

But taking the plunge may be an ideal investment if done correctly. In this article, we will look at some of the ways you can capitalize on the land you have bought.


#1Build for Recreational Purposes

Look at the gaps in recreation in the local area first – it’s no point replicating something somebody else has done – and consider the range of options available to you.

On a very basic level, you could create an area of parkland, with play equipment, and floral displays for the local community.

Going a stage further, see what you can do with the services provided by Calhoun Super Structure. From mountain biking centers to horse riding facilities, check out some of their building work and case studies for practical ideas.

In a world populated with tower blocks and housing estates, it is to everybody’s advantage if you add to recreation land, rather than remove from it.


#2 Camping Ground

Buy a piece of land surrounded by natural beauty, and you will have a perfect setup for camping enthusiasts. Many people love a piece of the great outdoors, and it can be an affordable holiday for many.

Tents and caravans are one thing, but if your land is big enough, you might also consider building log cabins, whether you do it from scratch, or buy an easy-to-erect cabin kit online.

Not only can you generate income from holidaymakers, but you can also live on the land, or holiday there in your own private getaway.


#3 Advertising Possibilities

If you are more of a hands-off person when it comes to work, sit back and let the profits come in through this viable way of making money.

Should you buy land near the highway, you will attract a lot of businesses who are looking to advertise their services. Considering the number of cars that will pass by on a daily basis, there is no shortage of potential customers for these companies to market to.

You do need to adhere to rules and regulations, so you will have to speak to your local municipality to make sure you are allowed to use the land for this purpose. If so, the sky’s the limit, especially where billboards are concerned!


#4 Other Ideas

As well as the above, consider these other money-making possibilities…

  • Farmland – whether you operate the farm or hire the land out to others, money can be made through agriculture, dairy, or conservation.
  • Parking lots – we all need somewhere to park, so if your land is near a town or city this is ideal.
  • Festivals – from music to film, have a festival on your very own land. You will have to clean up the mess afterward of course!

And there are many more ways to use land, some of which you may already be thinking about.

Land investment is an ideal way to make money, and while you will need to test the land for its viability, as an investor, you might consider this a less risky proposition than real-estate and trading.

What ideas have you had for investing in land?  Share your thoughts and ideas below.


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