What to Do When You Want to Change Your Career


Many people experience dissatisfaction with their jobs. Some people after having a safe 9 to 5 office job just decide they want a change in direction.

There are so many factors that can stop someone from achieving this: pressure from family members, enjoying the salary you’re on, not knowing how to go about changing your career path, or not having the motivation to take the plunge.

Whatever the reason might be for you not pursuing a different career path, if you have been reading this far you probably have the desire to.

Whatever is holding you back, there some baby steps you can take to put you in the right direction.

You’re probably not going to be able to become a rocket scientist overnight, but anyone can get onto a new career path, that they feel fulfilled by. Here are some things to think about to get you started.


Don’t Quit the Day Job Just Yet

Now, this advice might not work for everyone.

If it doesn’t then quit your job, and get looking for another as soon as possible the adrenalin might encourage you to look for other careers a lot quicker. For most people, this can come with financial risk and means that you could end up taking on something without knowing if it’s right for you.

Keep the day job and look for other options too. Don’t get complacent, and keep up the search. Still do things that take you a bit out your comfort zone though, and be open to trying new things.


Work Shadowing

You don’t have to take on an internship somewhere new that will take up all your time when you should be at your day job. Work shadowing is a good way of getting a feel for a company or job role without fully committing to it.

This way you can be in the environment, see what the work entails, and get to ask questions to the people who are actually in that career. Seeing if your friends or family have, or know of, any job roles which you could shadow is a good place to start.

Sending out emails and enquiring is a good way to start. Contact companies directly that interest you. The kind of job opportunities shown on websites can be quite narrow as to what companies they are, and in terms of being fairly rigid roles.

Look online at companies that look interesting to you, and ask them about shadowing. This isn’t too much effort on their part, and at the end of the day, they’re not paying you.

If you don’t ask, you never know what kind of opportunities you could be missed out on.


Be Creative and Be Open to Trying New Things

This is great advice for changing your career path. If you aren’t enjoying what you do, then try something completely different.

Why not take a course so you can sell real estate: www.realestatelicense.com, learn about the stock market, or try out making furniture? You don’t have to figure out what you want to do straight away, although many people feel this pressure.

Finding out what you don’t enjoy, is as important as finding out what career would suit you. The journey you are on to find a new career will be a huge learning curb, so try new things, even if you never even considered it before.

Getting out of your comfort zone is essential to exploring careers that could really work well for you.



One of the reasons you don’t enjoy your current job, or what even scares you perhaps, if you don’t want to end up like your boss.

If you don’t aspire to carry on in your current role, it’s probably because you don’t see yourself as doing the job of your superiors, hence you have no desire to stay.

When trying out new jobs or courses, ask yourself: do you like the people here? Do you see yourself doing their role in a few years? Asking yourself this will give you an idea if you see longevity in this new role.

If you don’t like the people, would you even enjoy doing a full-time job here? Shadowing gives you the advantage of being able to figure things out with no strings attached. Hopefully, without this pressure, you can ask yourself these questions, and be really honest with yourself.

Changing the direction of your career can be a scary prospect, but one that will be well worth it.

Try some new things, and see what you enjoy best.

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