Developing A Solid IT Working Culture


What do you consider to be the backbone of your working culture?Could it be that you encourage everyone to stay kind to each other, working towards a goal and being mature about the social difference of the group?

That’s what many mature and successful firms believe. Anyone who causes issues through immaturity is often cast out, and rightly so. Chaos has no place within the confines of a business.

However, social issues are often the most limited and obvious form of how a working culture operates. Working culture can be anything, from how your employees conduct their efforts towards achieving tasks, as well as how they are able to achieve those tasks together.

Many business leaders would not consider the digital workspace that employees find themselves used to be part of the working culture, but they sure are.

Sitting at a terminal for upwards of seven hours each day could certainly use some examination. What is it your employee is doing?

How can you help them manage their time in the day? How can you increase their performance without having to lump more daily work on them?

We’d suggest the following:

Keep Solid IT Support

Issues happen. While computers and operating systems are more streamlined and easy to set up than ever, the days of technical issues are not behind us.

It’s important to keep either in-house or outsourced IT support available at the drop of a hat. Here, you will be able to fix any issues within a matter of moments, as opposed to waiting days for a solution.

This can be very important when it comes to resolving the time-sensitive nature of your work. Time is money in a business, and any downtime can almost certainly be calculated in dollars.

Your employees will certainly be happier knowing that if their terminal breaks, they will be supported.

Cloud Storage

One of the worst parts of working from a digital space in the office is that files must be shared through emails or inter-business networks.

It’s easy to lose or misplace files this way, and again that can lead to lost time and money. Or does it? Cloud storage now exists at a very reasonable price for businesses, so if you haven’t had this enacted, you should.

The effects on a working environment can be profound. Not only are employees always able to access a centralized hub of all important documents, but they can have tiered access to the documents they singularly might warrant permission to.

This is easy to manage from the top administrator, leaving the ‘lost files’ issue behind. If providing your employees with a solid VPN connection, they can even access these documents at home, helping them complete out-of-office work at home if they need be, which is always a great option to allow an employee.


Whether you’re a creative powerhouse of a firm or a calculating and spreadsheet oriented company, it’s important to keep uniform software packages that all employees use.

Not only does this function in the same way as a digital ‘uniform,’ allowing everyone to feel on the same page, but it allows all employees to connect their work with maximum compatibility.

When everyone is operating from the same parameters, communicating between departments is easier, even if those departments take care of completely different things.

For this reason, you will need to use a complete suite, and gain a business license to install that on each one of your employee’s computers.

Choose a wonderful, time-honored package such as Microsoft’s Office 365, or if working on creative projects, the Adobe Creative Suite.

Both of these have adjusted their pricing in recent years, so even if you’re a small firm you are sure to benefit. Some industries will require a select number of specialist software in addition, but it’s always important to cover your bases using these as a foundation.


Emails are still the king of the memo world, but have you considered alternative options in addition? Instant messaging is often the most reactive and responsive method of conducting business between employees in an unofficial capacity.

From Skype to Google Hangouts to even Facebook messenger, these services can allow for a workforce that is more adaptive and able to handle the accelerated pace of their industry better than ever.

It can also save your employees time, as a quick message drafted here and there is much easier than officially crafting a well-structured email. One shouldn’t necessarily replace the other, but they can work in tandem to achieve a result that helps everyone win.

With these tips, you can be sure that your IT working culture is fostered well.

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