4 Ways Make Sure You’re Truly Connected to Your Customers


You’ve probably heard it all before: some complaint along the lines of we’re more connected than ever, but we’re more disconnected than ever, too. Something that suggests that, despite all this social technology, we’re still not really connecting with each other in any profound way.

The extent to which this problem exists is often overstated. Nevertheless, it’s fair to say that modern tech often gives us an illusion of being strongly connected that we shouldn’t always fall for.

You may spend a lot of time emailing and calling customers, but that doesn’t mean your business is really making a connection with any of them.

We’re going to take a quick look at some of the best ways you can help your customers feel truly connected to you. It doesn’t just involve direct communication – it also involves some more indirect methods.


#1 Stay With the Times


When businesses refuse to get with the times, they create a large disconnect between them and their customers. It makes the business seem stubborn.

Modern business practices that they refuse to follow are often ones that make the customer’s life a little easier, or, at least, makes their interactions with the business more pleasant.

Let’s say, for example, that your website is outdated. If you’re refusing to do anything about it, then that says to customers that you’re not very user-friendly.

And, well, they’re the users! If you’re not considered to care about their needs, then you’re not exactly helping them feel very connected.


#2 Get Blogging

A lot of people see blogging as a one-way street, something that won’t help people feel all that connected.

But this is looking at things in the wrong way. In a time replete with posts that don’t exceed 140 characters, a blog post can show that a company is going the extra mile to get information and opinions to their customers.

It can open up a much more detailed and fun discussion that anything on Facebook or Twitter.

Make sure you allow for comments on your business blog, and interact with the customers who comment – even if it’s just to say “thank you!” when they compliment your work.


#3 But Still, Do Use Social Media


Having said that, social media is still a must for companies who want to connect with their customers.

Just don’t use it for everything you need to say. And don’t just use the likes of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for announcements!

Just as with the comment section of your blog, you should be making an effort to interact with the followers who reach out to you. And be sure to retweet some of your fans now and then!


#4 Stop Using Templates

Don’t kid yourself: most customers know when they just got “templated”.

This is when they receive an email (often a response to an email they sent) in which the writer has just copy-pasted the bulk of the message, switched around a couple of words, maybe added the customer’s name, then sent it off.

It won’t do, not anymore. As much of a time-sink as it may see, you should be willing to respond with original messages to any customer query.

So what are you doing to stay more connected to you customers?  Are you doing some of the things I’ve mentioned above or are you doing something different.  Share your thoughts and comments below.


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