Customers Set to Enjoy Super Speed Broadband and Mobile Connections with the New BT Halo


The firm has launched a new Halo package that is set to revolutionize internet connection speeds for both broadband and mobile connections.

The package allows customers to enjoy 5G, a strong Wi-Fi signal, and round the clock tech support.


The Halo Package

The Halo package is part of the numerous broadband deals by BT. It will rely on the ISP’s Smart Hub 2 to enhance the fiber broadband that each customer will get for home use.

To make every customer’s life even easier, the firm is accompanying the home broadband with a strong Wi-Fi option and a promise to always keep the speeds fast and stable in every corner of the home. It can meet your need for broadband for business too.

The ISP works with top of a range of tech experts and uses multiple discs per home to ensure that each of their customers enjoys fast and reliable Wi-Fi signals wherever he or she is in the home.

At guaranteed speeds as high as 10MBps, this package is way ahead of other broadband choices that you are likely to find in the market. Even Virgin Media Broadband users will need to purchase a premium package to match their speed.

Since the Halo package relies on Smart Hub 2, its users will be able to manage all their connections using the Smart Hub app. This means being able to exercise full control and enhancing your home’s cybersecurity and keeping your loved ones safe.

One of the most useful features of the dedicated app is parental control, which ensures that you are able to monitor and control your children’s online activities.

Besides the home broadband choices, this package also keeps customers connected while on the move using the 5G on mobile options. What’s more, the firm is set to provide full-time technical support to ensure the package will serve you as expected.

The firm is rolling out the package at a pocket-friendly price for new clients and has appealing deals on upgrades for their current customers. For instance, customers who are using a BT Plus are set to receive the Halo at no extra charge.

The provider will only require the customer to cover the cost of Smart Hub 2 and its expert installation. And with just that, the homeowner will be able to enjoy fast and reliable home broadband, 5G mobile connection, and professional support from the firm’s tech team.


More about the new broadband and mobile deal

The provider has reaffirmed its commitment to ensuring that its customers enjoy the services of the Halo package. As a result, the firm has its home experts on standby to respond to any issues that the customer might have with the connection. If a customer’s internet connection is slow or he/she is moving houses, the experts will first ensure the customer is back online by giving him or her a 4G router as they work to fix the problem.

The mobile option comes with numerous incentives too. Customers are able to enjoy free calls, data, and text messaging both on the landline and on mobile. This means that you stay connected both at home and while on the road as long as you picked the No Limits plan option when buying the Halo package. Similar to plans by other providers such as Virgin, this plan also offers 5G as an option.

If you intend to purchase the package, it is imperative to note that its basic plan only offers 5G as an option. Moreover, you will need to pay extra to get the No Limit plan, Complete Wi-Fi, and 5G upgrades.

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