How Different Types Of Street Furniture Can Help You

Photo by Huỳnh Đạt from Pexels

Depending on the nature of your property, there are plenty of different street furniture options to choose from.

From stylish additions to the gardens of your business which provide visitors with an area to sit and relax to safety solutions for industrial sites including heavy-duty concrete bollards, enhance the functionality of your business operations.

We delve into the different types of street furniture available so you can decide on the best solution for your space.


Manage access with security bollards

As a standard addition for many businesses, bollards are a simple way to prevent vehicles from entering restricted areas, separate pedestrian walkways, and protect the outskirts of buildings.

There are various types of bollards available to buy, all with different features and designs which are created for different purposes.

Industrial sites will require heavy-duty bollards with reflective finishes to ensure they are highly visible in dangerous environments whereas a shopping center can use a more aesthetic design to prevent vehicle access with a subtle addition to the area.


Provide people with shelter from the weather

Although not a necessity, adding touches that consider visitors to the area can go a long way. Whether that be smoking shelters to provide users with a designated space that is protected from the weather or a cycle rack to keep their bicycles securely locked up and dry from any rain showers, these long-term investments will be highly welcomed by both visitors and employees.

As well as offering a form of weather protection, creating designated spaces will ensure the grounds are kept tidy as bicycles will be kept to a certain area and smokers will be kept away from other members of the public.


Create an area of relaxation

Depending on the nature of the businesses, creating an outdoor space for people to enjoy can be great for boosting moods and encouraging visitors to stick around.

The fresh air is proven to be beneficial for both our mental and physical wellbeing so adding outdoor seating and litter bins will mean people can spend time socializing or enjoying some well-needed time relaxing.

By putting pride into the appearance of your grounds, the tidy and welcoming space is a reflection of your business as a whole and may encourage people to revisit down the line.


Enhance security measures

For some businesses with expensive equipment or a dangerous working environment that is not open to the public, it is their responsibility to ensure all health and safety precautions are taken.

Installing a security gate or turnstile will help ensure that only authorized personnel are able to access the grounds and will keep a record of who has entered the property at what time.

Other measures include speed bumps to keep vehicles driving at a slow pace and highly visible signage to provide people with the information and warnings they need in that particular area of the business. All of these measures will ensure people are aware of their surroundings and the safety of others.

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