A Guide to The Best Commercial Grade Carpet Cleaner for High-Traffic Floors

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Carpets are found in most commercial spaces, including offices, healthcare centers, and hospitality suites.

Carpets that receive high traffic or footfall can get become unclean in a variety of ways. Unfortunately, dirty carpets attract more dust and debris. Proper carpet care can prolong its longevity and durability.

Your business may incur a hefty and premature cost if you don’t have the carpets cleaned thoroughly and regularly.

This short guide will help you get clean and glossy carpets.

Different Methods of Commercial Carpet Cleaning

There is a wide array of different carpet cleaning methods. You need to choose one that best fits your carpet type and purpose. There are seemingly endless options from more traditional methods to carpet cleaning machines. There is no single solution that best fits all types of carpet cleaning. These are a few effective and popular methods.

1. Hot Water Extraction

Hot water extraction is commonly used for cleaning commercial-grade carpets. It involves professional-strength cleaning agents and hot water. This is injected into the carpet fibers for breaking down stains and accumulated dirt. Hot water extraction is followed by a high-power vacuum for extracting the dirt.

2. Carpet Shampooing

This is one of the oldest carpet cleaning methods. It is an incredibly popular cleaning method because of its affordability and simplicity. All you need is a brush and a carpet cleaning solution.

You can keep the cost at a minimum. Based on this, this method requires a lot of labor for extracting dirt by a rubbing action.

3. Dry Carpet Cleaning

This type of cleaning is also known as compound cleaning. It is a relatively newer form of carpet cleaning. The method is well-regarded for its convenience.

There is no drying time involved in this type of cleaning. Correlating with this, the dry carpet cleaning method is suitable for most types of carpets.

4. Encapsulation Cleaning

Encapsulation cleaning has become highly popular among commercial cleaners. This innovative cleaning method essentially works to dissolve and absorb dirt particles. Its unique cleaning approach ensures a commercial carpet is cleaned in no time.

Steps to Effective Commercial Carpet Cleaning

These are a few recommended steps for carpet cleaning in high-traffic areas:

5. Vacuum Properly

Vacuuming is an integral part of carpet cleaning and maintenance. You can see results right away when you turn on the vacuum and start pushing. Furthermore, your vacuum needs your help if you don’t want it to steal good looks and years of life from the carpet.

Always start vacuuming on a fresh bag. Don’t leave a bag half full when you start on a commercial carpet. This will put a dent in the mechanical life of the vacuum and leave dirt on your carpets too. Adjust the vacuum head height to the maximum setting and run it on full power. Keep lowering the cleaner head until it hugs the carpet.

This is to ensure that all dirt and debris comes away from the carpet threads. Don’t race the vacuum across the carpet. Instead, take your time if you want to increase the suction power of the vacuum.

A relaxed one-time pass does a better job as compared to rushing the effort. High-traffic areas are best cleaned with a double pass.

6. Choose the Right Cleaning Method

The different types of cleaning methods have already been explained. You need to choose one that fits your carpet and purpose best. For instance, commercial carpets in offices are best cleaned using the encapsulation technique since it doesn’t have a high downtime.

Dry carpet cleaning and encapsulation technique are recommended where low drying time is needed and there is limited use of water. Hot water extraction is useful in the case of dried and accumulated dirt. It’s beneficial in case of stubborn stains as well. Make sure you pre-treat the carpet as required.

This will help you avoid investing a lot of time and energy in removing the dirt and stains. You may want to cordon off the carpet area for at least 12 hours depending on the type of cleaning method employed.

7. Always Remove Spots Before Cleaning

Most spots and stains go neglected during in-house carpet cleaning.

This is because time can make a spot turn into a stubborn stain. For instance, a coffee spill begins oxidizing into the fibers when it hits the carpet. You need to act quickly and gently with spot cleaning. You need to know your spots if you want to remove them effectively.

Most spots require an industrial-grade cleaner to come away easily. Moreover, always try to work with less and never saturate the spot. Chemicals can make the spot fade away, but they may also weaken the carpet fiber. You may want to resist rubbing it in as well.

Scrubbing spills push it deep within the carpet. You should gently blot the area using an absorbent cloth. Don’t skimp on fresh rags when it comes to carpet cleaning. Always start from the outer edges and work your way towards the center.

Tips for Commercial Grade Carpet Cleaning

Now that you know what it takes to clean a commercial carpet, it is time to make the task easier. These tips are from commercial carpet cleaners that have been in the carpet cleaning business for a long time:

  • Pre-vac: Never forget to vacuum your carpets before steam cleaning them. It doesn’t matter whether the carpet looks dirty or not, vacuuming will remove any loose dirt that may clump and get stuck when you use a cleaning solution.
  • Pre-spray: Using a solid pre-spray is recommended since it can make cleaning a commercial carpet easy. In relation to this, too much can result in a sticky residue that may make the job harder.
  • Reappearing stains: You should be careful with stubborn stains that can reappear. It’s easy for these stains to sneak back into the cleaned areas.

Call the Professionals to Have Your Carpets Cleaned

Every commercial carpet requires the occasional big, deep clean. You may want to do a DIY job, but you may not be able to thoroughly clean the carpet fibers without proper training and equipment.

The team at Servi-Tek can ensure a thorough cleaning using innovative cleaning methods and chemicals. We offer a complete line of cleaning services for commercial businesses and venues

. Schedule an appointment today by calling (866) 454-6185 or complete this online contact form.

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