Stop Failing at Business Finance! Follow These 5 Simple Rules


Many small businesses don’t see returns on their investments in the form of profits.

And this is often due to several financial mistakes made in the early stages of the development of the business.

Here are a few tips that should come in extremely useful if you’re thinking about setting up a business that’s really going to last.


#1 Keep a Close Eye On Your Cash Flow


Every stage of your business’s life cycle should be financed correctly.

This is important both the present and the future of your business. If you’re not keeping track of your cash flow – including any changes in that flow, including seasonal ones – then you’re going to risk not being able to finance particular projects or other expenses.

You should never overestimate the value of a spike in your cash flow – because this could be followed by some much slower months. Always keep a cash cushion handy! Read more about this over at


#2 Work With Investors that Care About Your Aims


Not all investors are the same, so you shouldn’t just see them as a homogenous bunch of suits with a lot of money, one or some of whom happen to think your business will make them even more of it.

It’s best to be a little picky when it comes to choosing an investor. Don’t always assume that you don’t have the luxury of choice.

You should choose investors based on their motivation, their skillset, their values. It’s best to work with someone who understands and believes in the values you want to bring to the business field.


#4 Don’t Be Afraid to Use Software


A lot of business owners are reluctant to bring anything beyond the most basic software to their business when it comes to finance. There are two reasons.

One is that they don’t like the idea of paying for anything beyond the likes of Microsoft Excel. The other is that they may feel uncomfortable using the software of another company to store and process sensitive information about payments.

But neither of these seem like particularly good reasons once you realize the benefits. At the end of the day, anything that can ease the process of complex financial matters is definitely worth looking into. You can visit for more information.


#5 Know the Value of Your Business


Have you ever watched the show Shark Tank?

Then you’ve probably seen this: a cocky entrepreneur walks into the ‘tank’ in front of those famous investors and present what they estimate to be the value of their business.

The investors almost have to stop themselves from laughing. With the costs of production and revenue forecasts, they know that the entrepreneur is massively overestimated the value of their business.

Overestimation isn’t just a problem for your personal finances; it also suggests you’re lacking basic finance or math skills to be trusted with a business!

Of course, underestimation can be just as bad, because you end up getting less money than you really need to make your business work. Read more about starting a business at


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