5 Ways Side Hustle Yourself to a Bigger Income


Not making enough money at your day job? If you can’t get a raise and you don’t want to look for another position, there’s always the prospect of a side hustle to consider.

Basically, a side hustle is a flexible way of earning a little extra money as and when you need to.

There are so many side hustle options available that there is bound to be at least a couple that you’re interested in, and if you’re good at them, you could eventually make more money from your side gig than your main job –wouldn’t that be something?

Interested in side-hustling your way to a bigger income? Here are some simple ideas for you to consider:


#1 Blogging

Not only is blogging a lot of fun, and not only does it let you get your opinions and ideas out there in a creative way, but it can also be a big earner, and it’s just perfect as a side hustle.

If you invest just 2 hours every day into creating a blog and filling it with interesting content, and you then take steps to monetize it, you could earn thousands of dollars each month.

Okay, so that’s if your blog really catches on, but even if you don’t make four figures per month, you can still boost your income via blogging.


#2 Drive for Uber

More and more people are choosing to take an Uber than a traditional cab, which is bad news for the taxi drivers out there, but it could be good news for you if you want to boost your income in your spare time.

The beauty of Uber is that you only have to work when you want to, and you get to keep 60 percent of your cab fare, with the rest going to Uber for hooking you up with the work and to cover your fuel.

If you’re willing to work nights and weekends, you could make a tidy sum as an Uber driver.



#3 Walk Dogs


Are there lots of dogs in your area?

Chances are their owners would love to have someone close by who can take them for walks or feed them when they’re away at work or even on vacation.

If you can show you’re a responsible animal lover, and you print a few flyers offering your services, it shouldn’t be long until you’re making a few extra dollars each week.


#4 DIY

Doing extra DIY jobs can be very lucrative, especially if you’re a professional contractor by day.

Most of us have various jobs we need doing around the house, but we have too little time or experience to do them.

So, we’d be only too happy to have a professional come in and take care of them for us.


#5 Set Up as a Property Manager


If you live in the kind of neighborhood where the homeowners are often away, then setting up as a property manager is a good way to get lots of extra jobs and make a bit more cash.

Basically, you’ll be acting as landlord, looking after their properties and reporting any problems to them – it really isn’t too difficult, but it can be very rewarding.


Do you have a side hustle? How do you make a little extra on the side?  Share your thoughts in the comments below.


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