How a Single Defining Feature Can Set Yourself Apart From the Competition


Sometimes, industries can feel completely bloated and full of copycats and imitation products. This is sort of how the smartphone industry feels right now.

There are simply far too many smartphones that feel similar to others and, if you look through this helpful article found here at, it’s one of the reasons why many smartphones just simply lack the “oomph” that big name brands such as Samsung and Apple have.

They’re either targeting the wrong marketing or they’re simply making it too difficult to buy. They could also be lacking any new features, or they might just be too boring in an industry that demands change.

But this is when innovation comes in handy. You don’t need a research and development team in order to create something new and set yourself apart from the competition. In fact, sometimes all it takes is mixing and matching certain features just to get yourself noticed.

Even now as Apple marches along with its headphone jack-less phones, others are being praised and even preferred just because they contain that elusive headphones socket. While this isn’t a new thing (plenty of phones still have the headphone jack) it does show that change can set yourself apart from the competition, and it’s not always a good thing.

In this article, we’re going to be talking about how a single defining feature can often set yourself and your business apart from the rest of the competition. We’ll also be talking about how you can do it in a positive way instead of alienating yourself from your audience or the rest of the market.


Analyze what businesses currently do and find a more intuitive way to achieve it

One of the most popular business success stories that we can mention is for a relatively unknown auction website known as DealDash. You can find more information here at if you want to learn more about DealDash in detail, but it’s essentially an auction website that focuses on penny auctions.

One of the biggest changes it made is by adding a “Buy Now” option that allowed bidders to outright buy something in the event they really wanted it. With this option, the buyer’s existing bids were returned to their accounts instead of being lost, and this eliminates part of the risk involved with penny auctions and was one of the main flaws that made penny auctions unpopular with the masses.

In addition to this, DealDash added the option of a 90-day money back guarantee on their first bid pack. This means that customers could try penny auctions without any risk, thus improving the rate at which they gained new customers. These two features set DealDash apart from the competition and it just goes to show that defining features that make your company stand out can often be your biggest positive draw.

Another good example is the ever-popular private transportation service, Uber. If you want a detailed look at Uber’s growth and their success, then we’d recommend taking a look at for a full history and understanding, but we’ll give a basic rundown of why Uber was so successful in relation to the idea of having your own defining feature.

Uber took an existing industry and transformed it in several different ways. They evolved the concept of a taxi and they made it more accessible not only to the public masses that used taxis, but also the drivers that wanted to become taxi drivers.

Uber started as a simple transportation network company that used licensed taxi drivers. However, they changed the idea and defined it by utilizing a mobile application (thanks to advances in technology) and introduced non-taxi driving rideshares to boost their reach.

One of the biggest advantages that Uber had over regular taxis was the fact they allowed you to ride in style in cars such as BMWs and Mercedes-Benz’s as opposed to regular old taxi cabs. In addition, the costs were clearly outlined for no surprises and it was incredibly popular among everyone.

In short, Uber took an idea that was already popular and applied for new advances in technology and customer mentality in order to create something totally unique and new to the industry.

While they’re definitely not using a revolutionary new idea, they are being smart by applying a new mentality to an old idea, and that’s one of the best ways to grow a business and set yourself apart from the competition.


Taking existing qualities and focusing on those strengths


Of course, you don’t always need to focus on creating something new and revolutionary in order to stand out. Sometimes, all it takes is strengthening your existing qualities in order to grow your brand past what you think is possible.

A very good example of this customer support. It’s one of the most important aspects of any business because it’s how your business interacts with its audience. It’s also how your business takes on feedback and it’s how you assist your customers with any issues they have with your products or services.

The way you approach customer service is also another factor to consider. Some people prefer traditional methods such as telephone because it allows them to speak to someone directly, while tech-savvy individuals are likely to choose live chat or email because they can attach images of the problem to make things clearer.

There are some companies that thrive off their reputation for having excellent customer service and support. When presented with an option between one of these companies and an alternative, these businesses are known for their willingness to help their customers will be picked.

Reliability is another common trait that is seen among successful businesses. A reliable business is one that is committed to their audience and their craft. They’ll regularly communicate with their audience and always keep them in the loop regarding changes made to the company or their products.

Keeping your audience in the dark is a terrible idea and doesn’t help with your reliability or customer experience. If you’re forced to make a change that you can’t notify your audience of, then there’s a good chance that it’s a bad idea. You want to be transparent when possible and you also need to be truthful.

For instance, if you’re unable to hit an advertised release date for a new product then let your audience know why. It’s much better than keeping them in the dark or lying about something because, thanks to the internet, they’re never going to forget any questionable things you’ve done.

As long as you stick to your business values, you’ll be seen as a reliable business that can be trusted, and this converts more of your audience into a loyal fan base that will stick with you.


Some Final Words

As you can see, setting yourself apart isn’t the most difficult thing in the world as long as you’re logical about what changes you make.

Changing for the sake of change is often one of the worst ways to approach business growth. While it’s sometimes necessary, it’s also important to plan ahead and think smart if you’re going to make changes to your company.

If you’re just starting out and only have a business plan, then you’ll want to think about how you can set yourself apart by providing your customers with something new, improved and ultimately different to what they’re used to.

So what are you doing to make your business stand out from the competition?  Share your thoughts below.


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