The ABC of Small Business Credit Cards


For an entrepreneur, the credit line is not less than a lifeline of the business. Cash supply should not be stopped at any stage of business otherwise it can be the reason for stoppage of business ultimately.

To keep the credit line continuous and smooth, credit cards play an important role. If you are running a small business, you must consider about getting at least one Small Business Credit Card so you may have the cash even when the payments are delayed by the clients.

You can pay your bills, or you can make instant purchases if you have in your pocket a small business credit card. It is not different from any consumer credit card so you will have to be very careful if you withdraw cash from it.

You will have to pay the interest charges if you somehow fail to pay the bill within time. So keep an eye on the billing cycle and utilize it wisely to avoid any extra charges.


Small Business Credit Card for Sole Proprietor

You can apply for the small business credit cards even if you don’t have a company but a sole proprietor business. If your business cash flows are good, bank statements are rich enough then you can apply for the credit card.

You don’t need to worry about Employer Identification Number rather you can apply for Small Business Credit Card with your Social Security Number only.

The good thing about this credit card is that you can earn some extra points or miles. The key to going faster in points earning track is that use this card only for business transactions.


Apply for Small Business Credit Card with Bad Credit

Having a bad credit closes many doors, and especially when you are running some business, the adverse effects of bad credit are more obvious. You must take proper measures to restore your credit rating, and a good step is to get a small business credit card.

This credit card, if you get somehow even with bad credit, will prove to be a credit rating booster for you. But the question is how you can get a small business credit card when you have bad credit.

The good news is that there are certain credit cards that you can get even when you have bad credit. A Couple of such credit card options are given below:



#1 Capital One Spark Classic for Business

The Capital One Spark Classic for Business card should be your top priority if you have bad credit. The main edge of this small business card is that you can earn huge points and bonuses on every purchase or payment you make.

It may not only earn some points, but it can heal your bad credit as well.


#2 Well Fargo Business Secured Credit Card


Well, Fargo Business Credit Card is a secured Credit Card so you can apply for this specific card even if you have bad credit. Just deposit some amount as security and start spending.

The only good thing about WellFargo Business Secured Credit Card is that you can heal your bad credit by spending and by making payments. Moreover, you will get 1% cash back as well.

What kind of business credit card do you have?  Share your thoughts and comments below.  Personally, I use the Capital One Spark Card because it gives 2% cash back and it’s been a nice asset to have on my side.


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