So Social: 4 Career Choices For The Outgoing Person


It’s a skill that is still in demand, being a people person. It can be very useful to so many businesses, organizations, and companies when you have the various skills associated with being a people person.

So every job post may require that you need to have the various technical skills. But if it comes down to the application process, and it’s either you or the person that has the same skills, but they have the advantage over you by being a “people person,” they will very likely go for that person!

If you are one of those, here are a few careers that will suit you down to the ground.


#1 Sales

The bedrock of being a good salesperson is about approaching people and striking up a relationship.

In many ways, it can be quite a difficult career, especially when you’re doing a job that requires you to approach people on the street, such as charity canvassers.

In working in sales you do have to be very target driven, and so it does help if you are able to have a relaxed temperament while having this at the back of your mind.


#2 Retail

Retail is a challenge all in itself. It requires dealing with every type of person face to face, whether it is sorting problems or making good sales, you are faced with every type of customer issue and a never ending the stream of problems which you need to resolve right away.

If you can step up to this challenge, there are plenty of roles in organizations across the country such as Sam’s Club, and you can get Sams Club application information here for more information.

The varying degrees of challenges that come up with a role such as this makes the job of working in retail one that is suitable for people who can thrive in a busy environment while solving many problems.


#3 Call Center

The next step on from working in retail, especially when it comes to dealing with customer issues is working over the phone.

For lots of call center workers, it generally involves speaking to customers who are phoning up to complain about something, which means that you have to be adept at solving problems over the telephone rather than in person.

This presents a unique challenge in itself, but for the right type of person, it can be an incredibly suitable position.


#4 Manager

As all these careers show they are all stepping stones towards being a manager, and it is the pinnacle choice of career for anyone that is outgoing or personable.

This is because you need to deal with all types of people, and not just the customers, staff as well, and dealing with staff problems, be it personal or professional issues.

Essentially a manager has to wear many different hats at all times, and it is not just about catering for the people involved, but it is also catering to the business that the manager in many respects is the face of.

Being a people person appears to be a skill that is incredibly desirable in the modern workplace.

Because of the over-reliance on social media, a lot of retail companies are trying to get back the personal touch, and so, businesses like retail or sales companies have shown that the personal touch is still something very much in demand.

If you’re thinking of changing your career, then this could be a really suitable avenue.  By the way, if you’re looking to be a manager getting an online MBA in California is the best way to go.

So are you an outgoing person?  Have you ever considered any of these jobs?  Share your thoughts and comments below.

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