3 Steps to a Successful Career Change at Any Age


While it might seem like everybody else has it all figured out, the truth is that it’s no easy task to decide on a career and stick to it for the rest of your life.

To make it even harder, we’re expected to know where to go at the young age of eighteen – an age where some are still having their laundry done by their parents.

If it’s time for a career change, or you’re just having a tough time choosing a career, take a look at these tips on how to successfully start over from scratch – even if you have no idea what you’re doing.


#1 Stop Analyzing

So many in this situation seem unable to decide on what to do next out of numbness, fear, and pure confusion – what will my friends and family say, and will I be able to live comfortably with a smaller paycheck?

Realizing that others have been in your shoes, going through that dreadful phase of uncertainty and numbness, but made it through in the end to a happy and fulfilling career is sometimes enough to push you towards a decision.

Lying awake at night and thinking about it is not going to solve your problems; if that is the case, you would have figured it out by now.


#2 Think Unconventionally

Most people who want a career change or have been unable to decide on one in the first place, keep walking on the same tracks – even when they’ve decided on what to do next.

I’m talking about sending out CV’s like you would have done back in the days, getting in touch with recruiters, all standard modes of finding a new job. The only thing is that you’re going to end up with the same type of career.

You’ve probably noticed it if you sent out a CV to an entirely different company than where you have experience; you don’t have the experience they are looking for. I

If you’ve decided where to go from here, it could be a good idea to take a short course and gain a bit of experience – getting an online BA in organizational leadership degree or seek out another conversion course to embark on your new path.

It’s also time to find other ways to up your skills. If you are aiming to apply on tech companies, merely knowing about social media isn’t enough. You must know basic tech skills and should be able to master a specific skill. While it is great to be a jack of all trades, it is still best to be a master of one if you want to aim for a successful career change.


#3 Team up

Seek out these people, the others who are also wide awake and analyzing their life around midnight, and change your circle at work.

You don’t need to stage a mass walkout in the middle of a hectic Wednesday at the office – but being around like-minded people will help you feel more comfortable and even brave enough to take the next step.

Seek their advice and hear their thoughts; you’ll gain a whole different network and receive input you would have missed out on with your former circle – the end goal is, of course, that it opens your mind to different ideas. Read more here to prepare for your first day at the new job.

No matter if you wandered the globe restlessly after high school, hoping to find your calling in life, or if you slid right into a dead-end job after university and feel unfulfilled; you’re not alone.

Finding comfort in others can help you with being brave enough to take the next step, dare to make some mistakes, and hopefully end up in a career that keeps you happy and fulfilled.

So are you planning to make a career change?  What are you doing to prepare at your age?  Share your thoughts and comments below.


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