Course Shopping: A Roadmap to the Future

It seems that it was just yesterday that you held your daughter in your arms.

Now, she is off to a British grammar school. It will not be long before they fly out of the coop. With this said, has your daughter showed any particular interest?

It is never too early to prepare for college. After all, time can fly.

This course shopping trip will be fun for you two. We are reminding you of your role, which is an adviser.

Allowing her to choose her career path will prevent resentment from building up.

Allow your little one to imagine what her future will be. With your guidance, she will succeed in whatever path that she takes.



At one point in your daughter’s life, she might have imagined that she was a doctor. You might even have bought a toy stethoscope. If she continues to show interest, encourage her to reach for the stars. Point out to her that those in the medical profession are our unsung heroes.

You can introduce her to the different pre-med courses. The most logical preparation for medical school would be nursing. It will allow her to get a feel of what medical school is. Thus, she can assess if she still wants to proceed. On its own, nursing is an excellent career.

She can also choose biology. This major is a good foundation for medical school because your daughter will already have the groundwork laid out for her. Some universities even offer a program that focuses on biology as a pre-med major. Their curriculum would offer these subjects:

  • Biochemistry
  • Biological sciences
  • Ethics in healthcare
  • Genetics



If your daughter shows proficiency in math, you might want to propose a career in engineering. She will get a kick that a simple quadratic function can help in making a building structurally sound. She would also need to study hard on geometry.

You can point out to her that engineers build the modern world. One excellent example is Thomas Edison. You can also tell your little one that the Wright brothers were engineers. Although they did not have formal training, they successfully created the first working airplane.

She can also have a successful career in robotics. In this branch of engineering, your daughter will be instrumental in making science fiction into reality. If she shows interest in this, encourage her to join the robotics club. It will be her ticket to a local and international robotics competition.

If she shows interest in building, she can be a civil engineer. This branch of engineering built the ancient world. It connected one part of the Roman empire to another. It also brought other structural marvels of antiquities into life.



If your daughter loves dancing, enroll her in the nearest ballet school. Even encourage her to take up arts as a major in college. It will not only help her develop good posture. It will also expose her to high culture.

Of course, she will enjoy the finer things in life by studying other branches of arts. She can take up fine arts in college. If you have doubts about this course because it is not financially rewarding, do not fret. Here are a few jobs available to her in the future:

  • Animator
  • Conservator
  • Curator
  • Designer
  • Teacher

Your daughter might find it inspiring to know that her idols are accomplished artists. On top of being an actor, James Franco also paints. She might also be thrilled to know that Kate Middleton studied art history. Even the late Michael Jackson painted in his spare time.



Your daughter sees you as a hero. She might follow in your footsteps in accounting. It is also a math-laden major, so she will never be bored with this course. It will also open to her several financially-rewarding jobs.

She is not only exposed to actual monetary issues. But she will also study theoretical financial matters. To make the most out of things, your daughter can take up economics as a minor subject. It will help her understand the market trends.

Once she graduates, she can open her brokerage firm. She has the knowledge to help her clients choose the most advantageous investment option. She can also opt to become the comptroller of a company. Either way, she will enjoy the financial rewards.

This activity is an excellent way to bond with your daughter. It will show her that you are always there to support her. This endeavor allows you to keep your daughter grounded. It gives you the chance to exercise some influence on her decision without trampling on her freedom.

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