4 Signs A Career In Law Is Right For You


The law is an oft-romanticized field of study and practice. We see lawyers on TV often as deeply flawed but morally righteous crusaders for truth and justice. Or, if you’re a fan of Marvel and Netflix’s Daredevil, costumed vigilantes by night.

Yet, no matter how well researched any given TV show may be, they are perhaps an unfairly gilded representation of a lawyer’s life. Even setting that aside, it’s clear why a career in law may appeal to many.

It’s a very well paid and prestigious career and although it involves a lot of hard work, long hours and dedication, it can be extremely personally rewarding. But while many may have fantasized about a career in law, it’s most certainly not for everyone.

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You already have some experience in law

It’s entirely likely you are or have been, involved in the legal process in your day job. Perhaps you’re involved in the law on an administrative level or by nature of your profession have had dealings with lawyers.

Unlike many who flock to law schools, you’ll have a realistic understanding of what the daily realities of practicing law are really like.

This will give you an inside track, ensuring that you’ll be taken seriously by law schools and allowing you to excel in your studies at an early stage.


You want to study something that combines theory with practice

The theory is all well and good, but some people just aren’t suited to the abstract. While some are perfectly happy to study theory right up to Ph.D. level there are many for whom book learning just isn’t enough.

Some people are kinesthetic by nature and don’t truly appreciate a concept until they’ve put it into practice. It’s exactly this mentality that makes great lawyers.


You love challenge

Not for you a life of comfortable mediocrity. You’re at your best under pressure and thrive when you need to rise to a difficult challenge.

The study of law is exhaustive and demanding and requires a set of different skills. You’re required to have outstanding research skills as you scrutinize case studies.

You’ll need to apply critical analysis skills to primary sources and draw your own conclusions from them. You’ll not only need to wrap your head around a host of complex legal processes and concepts, you’ll need to be able to translate them into layman’s terms.

You’ll also need outstanding communications and presentational skills.


You want to study a degree that affords you flexibility

As you can see from the above, lawyers have a host of transferable skills that can be brought to bear in a range of different careers.

A law degree is a highly sought after qualification and while forming your own practice may be where the big money is, a law degree can help you into a range of jobs in government and social policy.  

Are you thinking about a career in law?  Share your thoughts below.


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