What to Do When You Hate Your Job

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The average American spends around 90,0000 hours of their life at work.

That is a lot of time to do something you hate, but so many of us do hate our jobs ad it is making us sick, sad, and miserable which is why it is time we did something about it!

If you are currently in the position of hating your job, and you want to change that, here are some steps to help you make a change:

Keep it quiet

Telling anyone who will listen that you hate your job might seem cathartic, but you do not want to annoy your boss or burn your bridges, so it is a good idea to keep it to yourself while making plans to change what you can.

The last thing you need is to be out of a job, even if you do hate it before you have another one to go to.

Work out what you would like to do

It’s obvious, but if you want to work in a job you don’t hate, you need to work out what you would like to do.

This can be harder than it seems because often those dreams hob scenarios require more skills and more training and more time than you are willing to give.

So you need to find that sweet spot where an enjoyable job meets the right level of time, skills, and training you are willing to dedicate. Give it some thought, there’s no rush.


If you have been doing the same job for a while, you might not have the qualifications you need to move to a job you enjoy more.

That’s why you should take this time to get your accelerated flight training, work on your degree in accountancy, or volunteer with animals to get the education and experience you need for the job you want, whether that is pilot, accountant, zookeeper, or something else entirely.

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Start networking

Now is also the perfect time to start expanding your professional networks to include people who are in the industries you would most like to break into.

The more people you know who are in the right place, the easier it will be for you to identify and apply for opportunities as and when they arise.

Resign the classy way

Once you are ready to make a move, it’s a really good idea to be classy in your resignation.

You might hate your job and think you will never be going back, but life is uncertain and you never know who may hold the keys to your future success and wellbeing.

So keep it friendly and avoid the temptation to call out every horrible thing your manager has done if you can possibly do so. Keep your options open.

Getting out of a job you hate and into a job you love can be hard, but it is so worth it when you can spend that one-third of your life that is dedicated to working, doing something you really do enjoy.

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