Working On Any Construction Site? Here is the Safety Gears You Should Put On

Every day, thousands of people die due to work-related accidents at construction sites. According to an article by Safety and Health magazine, during a 45-year career, there is a 1 in 200 chance that a construction worker will die from a work-related incident.

According to OSHA “Fatal Four”, the leading causes of casualties and physical harm in the private sector are fallings, being struck by an object, electrocution, and being stuck in something or between two objects.

These accidents are responsible for 59.9%of construction worker deaths.

New technologies may have made construction jobs smoother, yet they aren’t fully capable of avoiding these accidents entirely, even today.

However, there are some new and improved gears that people could use while working at construction sites. Some of these types of equipment are pants, jackets, safety eyewear, shirts, high-visibility workwear, bright raingear, sturdy Pants, and bodysuits.

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Having proper safety apparel is extremely necessary for self-protection at sites where heavy pieces of equipment are being used.

Some of the materials are :

Protective Gloves

The gloves should be of an elastic material, which can stretch when needed without breaking off or causing tears in the glove.

This will help to prevent the worker’s hands from any type of damage and not let their skin come in contact with the toxic environment.

Moreover, leather gloves are highly beneficial for those who deal with chemicals, heat, or fire. Leather is known to resist all three.

Protective eyewear

Protection of the eyes is very important as a clear vision enables the workers to stay out of harm’s way and work efficiently.

There is a risk of debris flying on the site or something getting into the eyes of the worker, which can increase the chances of an accident, and thus eye protection is very important.

Safety goggles or full-face masks with googles installed in them could ensure healthier eyes.

Special Workboots

Special work boots exist for construction sites. These construction site ready boots are safe while trudging on risky grounds.

There could be broken glass, rusted iron equipment, among other things on a construction ground.  These boots have a hard sole, which doesn’t even allow a sharp nail to penetrate or pierce through.

It also has a good grip to prevent slips and falls. Nevertheless, the experts at suggest contacting a lawyer if you get injured during work, you must file a claim to overcome the financial offset.

Safety Helmets

Last but certainly not least, in fact, these are the most important!

On a construction site, one may have the risk of a sharp heavy object falling atop them. A strong and well-fitting helmet could save you from major brain damage. The Right Clothes

If you work in an environment that is heavily exposed to the sun, you should opt for cotton shirts with full sleeves. This ensures comfort, while also providing enough protection from the harmful radiations emitted by the sun.

In addition to the workwear mentioned, you could also look at specific and helpful add-ons your particular construction site may need.

Usage of proper safety and workwear on construction sites such as bright-colored clothing makes it easier for other workers to identify from afar reducing the chances of vehicular fatalities.

Fine dry cement is a primary cause of a lot of respiratory illnesses. Wearing dust protective masks while using such substances reduces the risk of exposure to fine dust or toxins emitted from the materials.

We hope this article has helped you understand the need for protective gear at construction sites.

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