4 Jobs For People Who Are Great Communicators

Whether you love people or just love to talk, a career where you can make the most of your communication skills is definitely something to consider if you’re looking to make a change.

You need to make sure you select a career that you will enjoy, though, and also allows you to help others along the way, so here are four of the top jobs for great communicators.


#1 Customer Service

Customer service can be one of the most demanding but also rewarding careers available. However, when most people think of customer service, they imagine 16-year-olds working at the desk at their local IKEA or other retail stores.

This is just one type of customer service, though. There is a wide range of options available to you that will allow you to play to your strengths.

You can consider HOA property management, which puts you in direct contact with residents to find solutions to problems.

Likewise, working as a Customer Service Representative means you can field calls and speak directly to customers (hopefully without them yelling too much), and help them deal with any issues they have experienced.


#2 Podcasts and Radio

It’s safe to say that podcasts and radio are not going anywhere, and with such a diverse amount of options in the verbal media world, there is something for everybody.

Both careers are pretty interchangeable, although radio relies on your ability to ad-lib live and keep the conversation moving.

With podcasts, you can chat with friends about whatever you like, or you can embrace your love of storytelling by reporting everything from True Crime to hilarious happenings that have occurred on the internet.

With over one million podcasts available, you can easily find a niche to appeal to somebody.


#3 Teaching

Few careers are as good for excellent communicators as teaching, and you don’t need to box yourself into one type of teaching, either.

Anyone with a love of learning and sharing knowledge can find a way to teach, whether in elementary school, high school, or university. Or, you can focus on adult learning, teaching English conversation, art, or anything else.

Teachers need to be good communicators to explain sometimes-complicated concepts to people who might be encountering this information for the first time, so you’ll need to make sure you understand the material before passing it on.


#4 Journalism

If you don’t consider yourself an excellent orator, print journalism is a superb alternative. The journalism industry is competitive, but if you have the talent to condense long stories into a few hundred words, you may find success either locally or nationally.

However, to get a good job, you’ll need a journalism degree and maybe need to get an internship to prove your worth. This can be frustrating, but make sure you practice writing articles on the side to keep your skills sharp.


#5 Talking A Good Game

Being able to effectively communicate a wide range of issues and ideas concisely and clearly is a unique skill that can take years to master.

However, some people have a natural ability to do so. If that sounds anything like you, there’s a chance that one of these careers is perfect for you.

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